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Bolt CBD - Gummy Bag – 1000mg
Bolt CBD - Cat Treats

Bolt CBD - Cat Treats


Bolt CBD – Cat Treats


(4 customer reviews)

BOLT CBD treats are made from organically CO2 EXTRACTED AND grown hemp, a non-psychoactive plant which represents a natural cannabinoid source for pet supplements.  Our treats are cat approved and pet safe.

Recommended serving: 1 treat daily

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4 reviews for Bolt CBD – Cat Treats

  1. Grayson Allen

    Cats love it
    The new Bolt CBD cat treat are really delicious. Luna, my cat, enjoy it every day. She keeps asking for more! The best part is that she feels very calm and relaxed once she is done eating. The cat treats really complements her meals and provides her enough nutrition to grow. Overall, I really liked the product packaging and quantity.

  2. Hudson

    Pet Supplements
    By far the Bolt CBD cat treats are the best. I have been using CBD products to enhance my cat diet for a couple of months now. I have tried many brands, some of them where quite expensive, while others delivered less quantity. I find Bolt CBD products very well balance. I feel no hesitation to suggest it to my friends and to all the cat owners.

  3. Jaxon ER

    Better Quality
    I purchased the Bolt CBD cat treat for $29.99, the quality is good, yet I feel the quantity is less. Please improve on the quantity of the product. I have five cats, they love the treat, but it turn out that our budget is over-shooting because of it. Anyways, the cat loved the treat. Highly recommended.

  4. Willow Smith

    Cat health
    My cats health improved, however, I feel the treat are a bit costly. That said, the cats loved it, so I don’t have any problem making another purchase. In case food motivates your cat to follow the command, you can buy this treat. They are CBD infused and help your pet to relax.

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