Bloom Farms Wellness- Sativa & Indica Pre Roll

Bloom Farms Wellness - Sativa & Indica Pre Roll (145mg, 155mg)


Bloom Farms Wellness – Sativa & Indica Pre Roll (145mg, 155mg)


(17 customer reviews)

Try the Bloom Farms Wellness Sativa and Indica pre-roll for a true hemp experience. Made with the best ingredients and organic hemp, it is every smoker’s dream. One roll will take you on a ride of complete calmness and relaxation. These strain-specific pre-rolls are a true example of quality and consistency. You’ll fall in love with these premium pre-rolls with every drag.

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Bloom farms takes the cake again with their exquisite and top-quality Sativa and Indica pre-rolls. They stand as a quintessential example of pre-rolls that every CBD enthusiast wants. 

Made with whole-plant hemp that’s grown in the most organic way possible, you are getting nothing but the best. You can choose from a Sativa or Indica strain or try both if you like. They promise complete relaxation but without the worry of intoxication. Each roll is tended and made with love by a family-owned and operated craft farm. 

Besides nailing ‘organic’ in every way possible, the Bloom Farms Wellness Sativa and Indica pre roll are produced in a way that supports the nation by employing American farmers and workforce and making one donation to the needy with every product sold. 

Product Specifications

  • Strain-specific pre-roll.
  • Two premium strains
    1. Suver (Sativa) : 14.5% CBD (144mg)
    2. Jupiter (Indica) : 15.5% CBD (155mg)
  • Available as single roll, case pack of 12, and variety pack (6 Sativa and 6 indica).
  • 1 gram or 0.35 oz per roll.
  • Made with certified organic hemp. 
  • Contains whole-plant hemp.
  • Non-intoxicating
  • Made with unbleached and unrefined rolling paper
  • Made and rolled in the US.

Lab Test and FDA Disclaimer

The Bloom Farms Wellness Sativa and Indica Pre-rolls are meticulously tested by a third-party laboratory to ensure the safety and quality of the product. Each of the products are Farm Bill Compliant and contains less than 0.3% THC. 

Despite the regular testing of every batch of their products, Bloom Farms lays out an FDA Disclaimer explaining that all products created and produced by the brands are not evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration. Additionally, none of the products are meant to cure, diagnose, treat or prevent any disease or health issues. 

Read our Bloom Farms Buyer’s Guide to learn more about the brand and its top selling products.

17 reviews for Bloom Farms Wellness – Sativa & Indica Pre Roll (145mg, 155mg)

  1. Samantha Elsberry (verified owner)

    This product is amazing and I really like it.

  2. Nicki

    The buds used in these joints are appropriately mature I believe. The smoke is smooth and most importantly it offers quality experience in less time. I tried these out at my friend’s place for the first time and since then I have been purchasing this product from your website without fail.

  3. OJ Holmes

    In love with this J. I tried one flavor in the morning and one in the evening and both gave a good experience. But sometimes I feel like one J is not enough for me. so, I take two of the sativa flavor, that’s my favorite currently. Once i smoke these, i am fully charged and go on with my daily work schedule. So, yes, worth trying product.

  4. Rio

    Finally! I got something of my type. Flavor is just right for me. A big thanks to you people. I would definitely order more.

  5. Love

    I got my product within just 3 three days of ordering. This is what I liked the most about you guys. keep this amazing service on. And about the flavor, its nice. As it’s hemp made, gives you that hit after few minutes of smoking. The slow-burning effect is also nice.

  6. Stacy22 (verified owner)

    I would give full points to the customer service and shipping task. I had ordered the wrong product but the customer support was so nice to deal with the issue at the last moment and helped me got my actual product. Then the shipping was also on time, which i genuinely did not expect. Love smoking this pre-rolls. Flavor and taste is pretty good.

  7. Frank Martin

    What awesome product man! I just go into a different mode right after smoking these. And packaging is way too cool. You can absolutely try this for a relaxing effect.

  8. OK (verified owner)

    I prefer rolling my own joint but if i don’t roll my own joint, I choose these. The flavor is impressive. You can buy these but just to mention here, these pre rolls may take sometime to hit you. At least this is what happens with me. But yeah, good product.

  9. Daisyxx (verified owner)

    Amazing effects of these pre rolls over other CBD joints. I smoke occasionally and I just smoke bloom pre rolls. Love them.

  10. David Sansom

    The joints are amazing but more than that, I loved the packaging. Joint tubes are so useful and they speak class.

  11. Jerome J

    I don’t know about the other products of this brand but the prerolles are awesome. Gives me Instant high, one of the best strains I’ve come across. The price is also worth the product.

  12. Claire

    Have been using these pre rolls for relieving stress. This is the best strain I have had in years.

  13. Sharon Keagy

    I am not really a fan of pre rolls, but these are actually good.

  14. Dulcera

    I smoke occasionally and I just smoke bloom pre rolls. Love them.

  15. Jim Kate

    They taste kinda weird. Like, initially, I did not enjoy this J much but after a few days I started liking them. I don’t know what would be my taste status after a week. hahahha.

  16. Sarah

    Me and my boyfriend smoke one joint every other night. Creates a vibe , these are amazing.

  17. Lynn Lu

    Loved the effects of these pre rolls over other CBD joints. Though it’s a bit pricey.

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Bloom Farms Wellness – Sativa & Indica Pre Roll (145mg, 155mg)


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