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For all the women who are passionate about their health and need a boost to work more productively every day, Bespoke Recovery is the supplement you need.

Quantity: 30 ml

Concentration: 2000mg

Flavor: Citrus


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Bespoke Recovery for Her is a women’s formula that is focused to help create a natural balance in the inflammatory and stress responses of the body with the help of CBD. It is a natural way to deal with the soreness and inflammation of extensive physical activities. So, whether you are a fitness enthusiast or live an active lifestyle, Bespoke Recovery can be a great addition to your daily routine. 

About the Brand

Bespoke Extracts is a Florida-based CBD oil dietary supplements company that has taken over the market with a curated collection of full-spectrum CBD products in just 3 years. The company promises quality, purity and effectiveness with each of its CBD products. The brand is infamous for its unique and expertly crafted formulas that cater to the nutraceutical and veterinary market.

The three categories created by the brand are: ‘women’s formula’, ‘sports formula’ and ‘pet’s formula’. Each has its own unique formulation to help with different day-to-day problems and needs such as stress, inflammation, pain, energy boost and relaxation.  

All products are high quality and made from 100% USA grown hemp that is cultivated in an FDA registered facility. The end product is tested and made sure to be safe and effective for the consumer. 

Product Information

Formula: Women’s Sports Formula 

Type: CBD tincture

CBD type: Full-spectrum


  • Full Spectrum CBD : 33mg
  • CBG Distillate Powder: 33mg
  • Beta Caryophyllene Terpene (BCP) : 3 mg
  • Orange oil extracted from orange peel
  • MCT oil
  • Vitamin E
  • Natural Lemon Flavor


The Bespoke Recovery for her boasts a special formula that helps you regain your strength for another workout session. With a special combination of CBD, CBG and BCP, this women’s formula is specially designed to cater to the needs of active women. So, say goodbye to the painful soreness and say hello to yet another productive day. 

The full-spectrum, organic CBD works wonders in reducing inflammation, relaxing the muscles and leaving you fresh and active again the next day. Whether you are a heavy weightlifter, a hiker or a gym lover, adding Bespoke Recovery to your everyday routine is a great option to recover fast and always be ready for doing what you love.

Hemp Quality

Bespoke Extracts uses USA grown hemp that is cultivated in an FDA registered facility. They source the hemp from USDA certified farms of Kentucky and Colorado that use organic farming techniques only. This includes no use of harmful chemicals such as pesticides and herbicides. 

What you get in a bottle of Bespoke Recovery for her is just pure, organic and vegan, full-spectrum CBD. 

Lab Reports

Every bottle of Bespoke Recovery for her goes through strict quality checks before going out in the market. The CBD oil is tested in a third party ISO17025 accredited lab for the following:

  • Cannabinoid Test
  • Terpenes
  • Residual Solvents
  • Microbial Analysis
  • Heavy Metal Analysis

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12 reviews for BESPOKE RECOVERY

  1. Serena

    I have tried different brands and formulas and this one by far has impressed me the most. The flavor’s great, it’s strong, it’s not expensive, very effective and easy to use. The CBD is pure, vegan and organic which reassures my need for a safe CBD oil. I have used it for 3 weeks and I haven’t found a single issue with it. If you’ve used CBD before, I highly recommend this tincture.

  2. Mia G

    I have been using it for 2 weeks now and it really works. I feel the difference, especially after my leg day. Generally, it’s hard to get back up without the cramps but a dose of this oil and I feel fresh by the next morning.

  3. Hanna P

    My sister-in-law insisted on using the product. It has become one of my favorites. I have tried flower and vape pens but this is the one I go for.

  4. Sydney Lautner

    I didn’t feel a very prominent difference for the first few days. Took it regularly for the next 6 days and that’s when the effects started showing up.

  5. Amelia

    It was too strong for my friend but worked fine for me. I’d suggest that if you are a beginner, go for a very small dose or a lighter concentration.

  6. Anna

    Bought this product because of Valerie Loureda. I get why she’s promoting this brand. I never go without a dose of this oil for my powerlifting days.

  7. J. Davis

    I wasn’t very comfortable with using full-spectrum oil. Tried it anyway. It works better than my other CBD products.

  8. Jenna

    Amazing product. Works perfectly with my routine.

  9. Rylee

    I was intrigued by the formula of this product. I have been using it every day for the past 10 days and it always gives me consistent effects.

  10. Arianna

    I mix it with my glass of orange juice after a 4 miles run. Takes some time to kick in but when it does, you can feel the energy levels rising back up.

  11. Trinity

    I bought a bunch of CBD products for my cousins and decided to keep this one because I work out a lot. I’m not disappointed at all. I would love it if they came out with concentration other than this one.

  12. Brayden

    Bought one for my wife to help her with her Pilates class. She’s loving it. No complaints.

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  1. Place one full dropper (or as per your dose) under your tongue.
  2. Hold it for 30 seconds or 1 minute.
  3. You can also ensure maximum absorption of CBD by swirling the oil around in your mouth before swallowing it.
  4. Within 15-30 minutes of consumption, you will start feeling the effects in your body.
  5. It is advised to consume it after a meal.
With Food:
  1. Add your dose of CBD oil to a glass of water, juice or your favorite drink.
  2. Mix it well and consume it.
  3. The CBD may take longer, about 30-60 minutes to kick in due to ingestion.
It’s hard to find companies that prioritize the customer. Fortunately, Bespoke Extracts is customer-centric and strives to create a curated line of CBD products that deliver what they promise- organic and high-quality CBD. Their line of CBD extracts is focused on creating a ‘sports formula’, ‘women’s formula’ and ‘pet formula’.

In this review, we will have an in-depth look into one of their sports formulas for women- Bespoke Recovery. It’s been a favorite of several celebrities and influencers who have nothing but appreciation for the brand and the product. Let’s walk through each aspect of the product and verify the claims one by one.

Type (5/5)

Bespoke Recovery for Her falls under the category of CBD tinctures. You get a 30 ml bottle of pure and vegan CBD oil sourced from the best organic hemp in the US.

Bespoke Recovery CBD tincture is a sports formula designed by the company to help athletes recover fast and be on their next workout session without the soreness or pain of the previous day bringing them down. It is a full-spectrum CBD oil, marketed as a supplement, that includes a special formulation to perfectly suit a women athlete.

CBD tinctures are one of the most effective ways to experience the therapeutic benefits of cannabinoids. It works sublingually as well as through the digestive system. So, the effects are quick and potent. If you are looking for quick delivery of effects, CBD tinctures have an upper hand over gel capsules in terms of onset time and potency.

Packaging and Labeling (5/5)

Bespoke Extracts recently partnered with a new designing team to completely redesign their packaging and labeling. They describe their new design as ‘colorful and clean’. It is indeed more lively and expresses the idea of the brand better.

Their ‘him’ and ‘her’ products have different packaging and design. It’s very clean and bright with all the necessary information such as the flavor, quantity and formula, properly labeled and illustrated on the front side of the packaging.

The tincture bottle is designed to be child proof and leak proof. So, you can forget about accidental spills or ingestions.

Ingredients (4.8/5)

The brand claims to deliver the best and pure CBD to its customers. And judging by the ingredient list, it’s not far from the truth.

The Bespoke Recovery CBD tincture is made up of 33 mg full-spectrum CBD, 33 mg CBG distillate powder and 3 mg Beta-Caryophyllene terpene. Each of these elements is effective in balancing the inflammatory response of the body and significantly reducing the soreness and pain of an intense workout session.

With equal amounts of CBD and CBG, you also get the benefits of THC. But, the quantity is not more than 0.3% which makes it a Farm Bill compliant product.

In addition to this, the oil contains orange oil extracted from orange peel, medium-chain triglycerides (MCT oil), Vitamin E and natural lemon flavor. These excipients are necessary to not only add flavor to the oil but also enhance its recovering property. All the ingredients are organic and 100% vegan.

While the product contains a high quantity of CBD, many may not be comfortable with the fact that it is not THC free. While the level of THC is not enough to cause intoxicating effects, it does affect the overall result.

Source (5/5)

Bespoke Extracts only uses hemp grown in the USA. It is sourced from the farms in Colorado and Kentucky that are USDA certified. The farms use organic growing methods for their hemp harvest. There is no use of harmful chemicals such as pesticides or herbicides. So, the product is as organic as it claims.

In addition to this, the manufacturing facility of the brand is FDA registered. The brand ensures that the final product is of high quality in every sense.

Extraction Process (5/5)

Bespoke Extracts use the CO2 extraction process for their hemp. The choice of the extraction method only adds to the quality and trust factor of the brand.

CO2 extraction of CBD is by far the best way to extract the necessary elements without any risks. It preserves the purity of the chemicals in the plant and leaves no harmful chemicals behind. In fact, any unnecessary elements such as microbes, mold, insects, etc. are also killed during the extraction.

The process does not include any harmful chemicals and only uses CO2 which is a naturally occurring gas. It escapes into the air during the process and leaves behind a pure and solvent-free residue. It is an environmentally friendly process that creates pure and high-quality CBD every time.

All of this is conducted in an FDA registered facility that is CGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice) certified.

Lab Reports (5/5)

The brand is very transparent with the quality of its products. They get their products tested from a third party, ISO 17025 accredited lab.

Each of the CBD tinctures goes through the following tests:

  • Pesticide Analysis
  • Cannabinoid Test
  • Terpenes
  • Residual Solvent
  • Microbial Analysis
  • Heavy Metal Analysis
  • You can access the detailed Certificate of Analysis on their website.

    Flavor (4.8/5)

    Bespoke Recovery for Her has a citrusy flavor that is strong yet very smooth and fresh. The CBD tincture uses natural flavoring from the orange peel and lemon essence to create a light yet flavorful experience for the consumer.

    Through the citrus flavor profile, you will also get hints of the herbiness from the hemp plant. The hemp taste can be an added perk or a put off for different consumers.

    Effects (5/5)

    As the name suggests, the Bespoke Recovery for Her is meant for the purpose of helping women athletes recover from the burnout of intense physical activities. The recovery formula is specially designed for women to maintain a healthy inflammatory and stress response in the body. It works by relaxing the body and fighting the pain and soreness to revive the body’s strength for your next intense sessions.

    The tincture contains full-spectrum CBD which means that you will experience the infamous entourage effect. Other components besides the major cannabinoids such as the terpenes, flavonoids, etc. will enhance the therapeutic aspects of CBD and make the tincture more potent and effective.

    The tincture works within 15 - 30 minutes depending on the individual characteristics of the consumer such as metabolism, age, gender and the way it is consumed (sublingually or by ingesting.)

    You know that the product works when top athletes support the brand. WWE fighter, Dana Brookes and MMA fighter Valerie Loureda are some of the celebrity brand ambassadors of Bespoke Extracts.

    Safety (4.7/5)

    Bespoke Extracts products are made in the best of facilities and with high quality hemp. The raw ingredients are hemp certified and grown in FDA registered facilities. The extract is completely organic and 100% vegan. It is duly tested and free from any residual solvents, pesticides or microbes. So, what you get is a premium quality CBD tincture that is completely safe to use and effective for recovery.

    Though the product is made of full-spectrum CBD, the THC content is less than 0.3% (as per the guidelines of the Farm Bill). So, you get all the benefits of CBD without the overwhelming psychotropic effects of THC. However, it is advised to not work with heavy machinery after consuming the tincture.

    Dosage (5/5)

    The Bespoke Recovery for Her is a high mg product. You get a total of 2000mg of CBD per bottle. For this reason, you need to be careful with the way you administer the product. It is advised to microdose the tincture to experience the best effects.

    Start with a single dose (one full dropper). And increase or decrease by half if needed. You can consume it after a meal, a gym session, in the morning or at night.

    In any case, it is best to consult a professional for the best results or follow the instructions on the packaging.

    Value For Money (5/5)

    Bespoke Extracts offers competition to other CBD brands in the market because it’s not only offering high quality CBD but also making it available to customers for an affordable price. You pay $89.00 for a 30 ml bottle of Bespoke Recovery for Her. It has a concentration of 2000mg which not a lot of companies offer for such a price. You get approximately 30 x 66 mg doses in one bottle. For a price of $89.00, it is a deal that you need to steal.

    Ease of Use (5/5)

    You can use either of the following ways to use Bespoke Recovery for Her:

    Place the dose under your tongue and let it sit for 30 seconds - 1 minutes before swallowing. You can also swirl it around your mouth for better absorption. This way, the CBD extract works sublingually as well as through the digestive system.

    The second option is to mix the tincture in water, smoothie, juice or any other drink. It will take slightly longer to kick in but will work effectively.

    Either way brings out the maximum effects of the CBD tincture. It’s very easy to use and involves no complicated steps or preparations.

    Final Thoughts (4.8/5)

    Bespoke Recovery for Her is without a doubt the best in its category. You get a bottle of pure and organic full-spectrum CBD that will revive your strength with every dose. It’s one of the strongest CBD tinctures in the market. You get approximately 66 mg of full spectrum CBD with every full dropper. Considering the price, you definitely get the value for your money.

    The high concentration is the reason why it is very effective in recovering the balance of the body. Whether it’s major or minor inflammation, a dose of Bespoke Recovery is enough to feel new again.

    The flavor is great. The citrusy taste combined with the herbiness of the full spectrum CBD works as a light and fresh way to consume a tincture. It is marketed as a supplement and works effectively. Whether you are an athlete or engage in physical activity, experience the women’s formula of the Bespoke Recovery to regain your strength. It’s affordable, effective, organic, pure and a great supplement that you can include in your daily routine.

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