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Our 1000mg full-spectrum CBG CBD “tincture” Oil is our newest product release!

cGMP-certified and made in the USA, we take absolute pride in our expertly crafted 100% natural whole-plant 1000mg full-spectrum CBG & CBD oil.

More than just CBG & CBD: Containing nothing except whole-plant full-spectrum CBG & CBD extract and MCT oil for maximum absorption – Delivering 17mg of CBG & 17mg of CBD plus 5-10mg of additional beneficial cannabinoids per ML serving. Taken orally providing potent, quick results.

Our premium quality CBG Oils are made with organic grown, non-GMO hemp, grown in Colorado by local farmers. Our CBG/hemp oil is minimally processed using clean co2, following the highest standards at every step of growing, harvesting, extraction and bottling process.

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Absolute Nature CBD top-quality beautifully golden full-spectrum CBG & CBD oil tincture contains not only a high amount of CBG & CBD but other naturally occurring cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, plant proteins, mineral, vitamins, essential fatty acids and other beneficial compounds from the cannabis/hemp plant, providing the best possible benefits without the high.

This all-natural 1000mg full-spectrum CBG & CBD oil tincture contains only two ingredients: Whole-plant full-spectrum extract containing high CBG & CBD and MCT oil for improved and maximum absorption. As nature intended!

We use MCT oil (fractionated Coconut oil) as the carrier for additional health benefits as well as increasing cannabinoid absorption rates. Only the best ingredients make it into our unique formula.

3rd-party lab to ensure we are meeting our own rigorous quality control standards and published for our customers’ peace of mind.

With our 1000mg CBG & CBD oil tincture, you get the power of both high CBD (500mg) & high CBG (500mg) combined with other minor cannabinoids, harnessing the entourage effect. This makes this a great choice for regular users who want a little extra healing from cannabinoids.

When you buy Absolute Nature CBD’s 1000mg CBG & CBD full spectrum tincture oil you can be certain you’re buying one of the best & highest quality CBG oils on the market.

Formulated to support calm, relaxation and exercise recovery*

Read our Guide to learn more about the differences between CBG, CBD, CBN and CBC.

3 reviews for Absolute Nature CBD – CBD+CBG Oil Drops

  1. Bret S

    I have been using this tincture for a few weeks now. It is a decent product but it takes time to show effects.

  2. Rudy Leonard

    This is amazing! I like this product a lot and it tastes great. I’m using it for my back muscles and it has been helping me a lot. I would highly recommend it to everyone.

  3. Leslie M

    I really like this product. It is fast-acting and I can see the difference in my health in just a few days.

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