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1800 MG Pain Salve


500 MG D8 Vegan Vitamin Gummies

500 MG D8 Vegan Vitamin Gummies

500 MG D8 Vegan Gummies


(10 customer reviews)

The best vegan delta 8 infused gummies on the market! Find the same awesome effects of our delta 8 gummies with our vegan, animal-friendly raspberry dots.


  • Mental relaxation
  • Deeper sleep
  • Mild pain and discomfort

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10 reviews for 500 MG D8 Vegan Gummies

  1. Logan Horn

    I have been using these gummies for a few days, and so far, they’ve been working great for me. They are helping me get relief from back pain and stress. They have a calming effect that also helps in falling asleep.

  2. Rose Frederick

    Very effective and tastes good too. Amazing product!

  3. Alice

    I tried this brand after a colleague recommended it to me. I wasn’t really expecting it to be this good and effective. 5 stars without any doubt.

  4. Alex F.

    The best part about these gummies is that they are vegan gummies! There are only a few brands that make vegan CBD gummies, and this is one of the best ones.

  5. Kia

    My main concern was the flavor. I had tried other D8 gummies and they were horrible. Couldn’t continue using them everyday. This brand is new but the flavor is very fruity and almost like regular gummies.

  6. Vinny

    I’ve been dying to find a vegan formula for CBD gummies for more than a year now. Came across these ones by accident and man they are good. It’s my type totally.

  7. Joshua

    This one is a life saver. I wanted something that didn’t take a lot of time because I’m always on the go. I take half of this during the day and a full gummy at night whenever I’m exhausted. Works perfectly every time.

  8. Roxanne

    It’s the only brand I found to be affordable without lowering the quality or quantity.

  9. Timothy

    These gummies have potential. They work slow but the effects are strong enough to make my pain tolerable.

  10. Alicia

    Go for the 1000mg one if you are using it for pain. I got the 500mg jar first. It wasn’t strong enough for me. I had to take a tincture too for complete relief.

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