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Bringing effective and affordable CBD to you with premium products by Lazarus Naturals CBD. Discover a vast selection of highly rated CBD capsules, tinctures, balms, dog treats, creams, isolate, RSO oil, and more. The hemp for their CBD is grown in Portland, and they are highly rated on Google reviews too!

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Lazarus Naturals

A Brand Made For All

A Product for Every Need

We are always working towards innovating new products for everyone.

Farm Bill Compliant

All our products contain less than 0.3% THC.

Third-Party Lab Tested

We ensure your safety through rigorous third-party tests on every product.

Buy Lazarus Naturals CBD Products

We have no secrets. Our transparent farm-to-front door model lets you in on the production process beginning from hemp cultivation to the final packaging.


A Brand With a Commitment to Make High-Quality CBD Accessible to Everyone

With Lazarus CBD products, explore potent and unadulterated hemp-based formulas packed in facilities with strict compliance to current good manufacturing practices.

Lazarus CBD is a brand built with the vision to make effective CBD an easily available commodity for all, in order to move forward with their beliefs and cater to a vast customer base.

 Lazarus Naturals CBD offers a range of quality, tested products varying from conventional CBD tinctures to innovative body massage oils & topicals. The quality of the brand is evident with its widely loved product line. Lazarus Naturals has received numerous special mentions and awards in renowned magazines and websites proving their worth yet again. This is a brand you can trust for quality CBD products every time. 

Revel in the Wellness of Lazarus CBD

Explore the Benefits of CBD for Complete Wellness

Complete mind and body wellness is achieved with small steps taken one day at a time. Lazarus Naturals is a brand that can help you achieve this goal. With the help of quality CBD tinctures, CBD oil capsules, topicals, and other CBD products, you can get the support of premium quality CBD that you need. Incorporate it into your daily routine and thrive through 2022 with ease.

From quality CBD products for humans to treats and tinctures for your pet, Lazarus Naturals Wellness products are made for all with an equal level of consistency, effectiveness and purity. 

Lazarus Naturals

Who Are Lazarus Naturals?

One of a kind, one in a million. That’s what comes to mind when we talk about Lazarus Naturals. The brand has been a game changer in its efforts of making affordable, high quality cannabinoid rich products an easily accessible reality for the legally adult population.

Started in 2014, by Sequoia Price-Lazarus and his team of Evan Skandalis, Ian Tudor and Dylan Summers, Lazarus Naturals has today become one of the most loved brands. The brand has always supported the idea of affordable and natural healthcare, thus venturing out into the benefits of cannabinoids.

The team at Lazarus Naturals believe in giving back to the community just as much as they value the health of their customers. With multiple discounts offered to individuals with disability, veterans and those living in poverty, the brand has ensured affordable care reaches everybody who needs it.

More Than Just CBD. Invest in a Complete Wellness Package

Lazarus CBD brings aid to the forefront, helping consumers revel in the goodness of cannabinoids.

Their wide product range starts with cannabidiol, but goes way beyond. They offer a diverse selection from THC free isolates to full-spectrum goodies. The full spectrum range in Lazarus CBD also includes terpenes, flavonoids as well as the legal limit of 0.3% THC to bring out the entourage effect in users.

Apart from CBD,
The CBG found in Lazarus Naturals products provides relief from discomfort and improves overall mood.  

The CBN incorporated in these products helps relax which taken at night can help with the quality of sleep. 

The THC found in Lazarus Naturals products also provides relief from any physical discomfort and helps you wind down after a long, tiring day. It also has the potential to uplift your mood. 

While THC has intoxicating properties and CBN has minimally similar effects, all other cannabinoids are non-intoxicating.

The Lazarus Naturals CBD Experience

It’s quite impressive how many positive reviews can be found about this company online, and we encourage you to take your time to read them.  Lazarus Naturals has always been generously straightforward with their goals regarding their CBD brand.

The brand takes the complete process very seriously, right from the in-house cultivation to the third-party testing as well as the assistance programs set up to help the public. The CEO of Lazarus Naturals has never diverged from their main focus of making healthcare more affordable and easier to access.

This is why the brand is one of the most inexpensive ones that not only ensures that more and more people can try their products but also upholds the promise of quality for a better experience.

How to Read Lazarus Naturals Test Results?

All Lazarus Naturals CBD products go through third party unbiased tests to ensure that all products uphold the standard of purity, compliance and potency. To begin with, you can find the batch number of Lazarus Naturals tinctures, balms and capsules at the bottom or side of the container. In case of lotions, you can find them on the crimped seam. Every container will also have a QR code to be scanned that’ll take you directly to the test results.

Lazarus Naturals CBD are particularly tested for the following:
Residual Solvents
Heavy Metals

The Lazarus Naturals test also contains the targeted CBD potency, the presence of other cannabinoids in full spectrum products and the total amount of every terpene detected. 

Lazarus Naturals Customer Picks

From full spectrum oils to isolates, capsules for humans to a variety of delectables for pets, Lazarus Naturals has a wide product range to be tried. Here are some of the most frequently bought Lazarus Naturals products.

Lazarus Naturals CBD Tinctures

Lazarus Naturals bring a wide range of CBD tinctures to the table, some enriched with the isolated benefits of CBD, others combining the effects of other cannabinoids like CBG, CBN and THC. The brand’s tinctures are one of its high points, with being the best selling products on this platform. From the Full Spectrum Chocolate Mint, to the Standard Potency CBD Tincture or Classic 1:1 CBG:CBD Tincture, all these Lazarus Naturals products are a current favorite.

Lazarus Naturals CBD Softgels

Only second to tinctures, the Lazarus Naturals softgels are a true beauty to experience. This ones a favorite with consumers that do not enjoy any added flavor or fragrance to their products. The CBD softgel range and the Cycling Frog series are great additions to the brand’s product line.

CBD Balm

Lazarus Naturals has an undefeatable range of relaxing balms that come in a variety of scents to soothe your senses as well as unscented varieties if you’re sensitive to added fragrance. The lavender and menthol soothing CBD balms are a hit with customers due to their amazing effects on sore muscles and tired body.

Available At The Best Online CBD Store 

The brand advocates the use of CBD to improve the overall standard of living. And to make its access easier, Lazarus CBD products are available here for great prices. One advantage of shopping with us is that we frequently have coupons available! It’s important to sign up for our newsletter so that you do not miss out on any of these discounts at our store.

You can find the best CBD products on our website and decide which ones you like. With a website like ours, you can find multiple other products and brands that you might want to try out alongside our favorite Lazarus CBD goodies. For any queries, you can contact our support team.

Lazarus Naturals

Frequently Asked Questions

You can buy Lazarus Naturals products at The Online CBD Store. We have a wide ranging stock of the brand’s best CBD and CBG tinctures, gummies, softgels balms, massage oils, dog and pet treats and more. From full spectrum to broad spectrum and CBD isolales, we have all the delicious variants of the brand. Not only that, but you can come across enticing discounts and offers while shopping at the OnlineCBDStore.

A Lazarus CBD product has a shelf life of somewhere between a year or two. It all comes down to how well you store your products. We recommend storing your CBD oils and tinctures in cool, dry and dark places of the house. Avoid storing it in the humid places, near windows or heat sources or in extremely hot or cold areas of the house.

Improper storage of CBD products can lead to degraded quality and ultimately, a reduction in potency and early expiration.

Here is how you can use our CBD tinctures:
  • Every tincture has a varying potency and thus a dosage direction on their label. This could be a single drop, two drops or more. Restrict yourself to the dose directed.
  • You can put the tincture right under your tongue for a few seconds to allow absorption or add it to another drink of your choice.
  • Once consumed, wait for about 30-45 minutes and allow the product to take effect.
  • We recommend starting with lower potency products and consuming the smallest directed dose as a beginner. You can add onto your doses as you build your tolerance.
  • You can consume another dose after a few hours when the effects begin to wean off.

As per a study, CBD has shown potential to be a good source of relief from physical discomfort. For this purpose, you can try the Lazarus CBD line of  tinctures, gummies, pain relief balms, roll ons, and massage oils that can help you relax better.

It depends. You can consume CBD products depending on when it fits into your routine and fulfils its purpose. Sleep tinctures are best taken at night, energizing tinctures work best during the day while relief products can be taken anytime you feel the discomfort settling in.

Lazarus Naturals also has day and night combos to make this decision easier for you. Our Energy Blend CBD Capsules infused with L-Theanine and B12 are a great addition to your morning routine while Relaxation Blend Capsules combined with the CBD Lavender Balm work wonders to help you wind down.

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