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Certifications are not a mandatory feature of the CBD industry but Koi CBD is aware that it sets them apart from the sea of competitors. All products are manufactured in their labs to ensure quality every step of the way. The ISO 9001 and GMP certifications are just another way to make sure that no CBD user ever has any reason to doubt where their products are coming from or contain.

Koi CBD brings you award-winning CBD and Delta 8 products sourced from US grown hemp. Every bud is carefully selected using a strict vendor validation process to match quality and safety standards. The brand consistently stands behind its promise of helping people live better lives by delivering innovative CBD and D8 blends. Each one is effective in managing overall health and wellness. Koi CBD has a comprehensive selection of products ranging from Delta 8 and CBD tinctures to effective skincare. Select your favorite Koi CBD product today and embark on a new way to better health.

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Koi CBD has a range of products that target several issues. From offering relaxation to enhancing focus, Koi CBD has a product that can take away your concern and promote a better lifestyle. Not just you, even your pet can enjoy the benefits of CBD with Koi CBD Products. The transparency of the brand and its dedication to offer only the best quality CBD to its consumers is the reason why people love CBD and you should try it as well. Introducing CBD in your routine can not only promise better health but it can have a drastic impact on your life and lifestyle for the good.

Frequently Asked Questions

Koi CBD products contain undetectable traces of Delta 9 THC (< 0.001 %) which has no intoxicating effects on the users. However, the brand does not claim that you can pass your drug test after consuming their CBD products. Since different drug tests have different levels of sensitivity, some tests might be able to detect very miniscule concentrations of THC or misjudge another cannabinoid for THC. While the traces of Delta 9 THC in Koi CBD are almost non-existent, the same is not true for Delta 8 THC. A completely different cannabinoid in itself with very different effects as compared to Delta 9, Koi has a wide range of bestselling Delta 8 products.

As often as you need. Since Koi CBD has a wide range of products, different rules apply to different categories.

In the case of flowers and pre rolls, you’re expected to feel the effects almost immediately. If after a few minutes to half an hour, you are unable to experience any benefits, you can take another dose.

In the case of edibles and drinks, it might take somewhere between 45 minutes to a few hours before you experience any effects. We do not recommend consuming another serving before the effects of the previous one sets in, so give yourself a few hours before taking another.

Tinctures, similar to smokes, take effect early on. You should experience relief a few minutes into the process and can decide further on if you need a stronger dose or not.

As you build your tolerance, you can consume CBD products more often or with higher potencies. Since the products have miniscule traces of THC, you aren’t at the risk of developing dependency.

Yes, Koi CBD products are safe for everyday use. CBD is known to support a healthier lifestyle which makes it the perfect supplementary addition for daily use. Not only is it safe but preferable to use CBD oils, tinctures or gummies everyday and sometimes multiple times a day.

When on prescribed medications, we recommend consulting your physician before consuming Koi CBD products. CBD is an interactive cannabinoid which might combine with your medication and lead to some unpleasant effects.

Before you start consuming any CBD or THC product, consulting a physician is always recommended.

If you’re unable to consume any CBD products for this reason, try depending on CBD topicals like balms, massage oils, patches, lotions etc., to find relief.

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