CBD for Skincare

Is CBD the Next Biggest Skincare Trend?

A new compound has stepped into the wellness routine of skincare junkies. 

It’s raging against skincare globalization and capitalism in the beauty industry. 

To reclaim its name, and to find a dignified place in the market, this naturally occurring component has also managed to establish a common cause. 

The cause of believing that it’s no longer shadowed by stigmatization, myths, and ignorance. 

However, the “beauty buzzword” has its fair share of complexities. 

It’s not as simple as it looks for CBD. 

While companies splash false marketing claims across your TV screens, the loopholes in the laws mar the identity of CBD. 

The only relief, in this case, is CBD’s popularity and ability to find a middle ground among all the chaos. 

And what is that middle ground?                                                                                                                                                                

Read on to find out.  

CBD Is Therapeutic In Nature

Despite discrepancies, the therapeutic properties allow CBD to find a middle ground.

This is one of the major reasons why people use CBD. 

To say the least, CBD has become a trend largely due to its medicinal benefits, and people use it worldwide to treat a variety of skin conditions. 

To put things into perspective, here’s a study that will help you understand why CBD skincare is one of the biggest, yet mysterious trends of the beauty industry.

This study was published in the US National Library of Medicine under the title “Therapeutic Potential of Cannabidiol.”

The study went on to explain the purported topical benefits of CBD and its relationship with human skin. 

In its findings, the authors showed that CBD is beneficial in the treatment of skin conditions such as acne, eczema, inflammation, skin barrier protection, redness, psoriasis, and pruritus. 

The only problem is that we need more robust studies to determine the efficacy of CBD. 

And in order to fully validate its efficiency, the focus of future research must be towards CBDs medicinal benefits. 

Rest assured, it’s safe to say that due to the benefits of CBD, it has gained immense popularity among the masses. 

CBD Treats a Host of Skin Problems

Besides the therapeutic benefits, CBD is touted for skin protection against a host of problems.                         

In particular, issues that girls and women commonly face. 

For instance, dry skin, flakes, acne, sensitivity, open pores, excess sebum protection, and stubborn blemishes. 

All these skin conditions, or to be precise, day-to-day problems are another reason why CBD is gaining wide traction.  

And if you wish to treat your skin with CBD, make sure to do it under medical supervision. 

As for those, who already use CBD, in my opinion, it is safe to say that CBD is good for your skin. 

To prove the hypothesis, here’s another study published in 2019. 

According to this study, the natural receptors of the endocannabinoid system present inside the skin interact with CBD. 

This relationship between the receptors leads to the fixation of the skin barrier. 

Not only this, but the study also suggested that CBD has antioxidative properties. 

Which, in turn, counteracts free radical damage to prevent your skin from the signs of aging. 

While these benefits are quite prevalent, anecdotal evidence also suggests that CBD creams are super hydrating. 

So, anyone who has dry or flaky skin must give CBD a try. 

In addition to this, CBD is widely recognized for acne management and sebum regulation. 

So much so that some companies advertise CBD usage for skin conditions like blackheads and large pores too. 

Overall, all these healing effects show that CBD is a suitable candidate for the skincare industry. 

Hemp-Derived CBD Is Federally Legal

The federal legal structure does not allow anyone in the US to use cannabis freely. 

Be it in the form of strains, oils, or skincare products. 

However, hemp-CBD containing 0.3% THC is legal on the federal level, all thanks to the Farm Bill

The rule came into effect in 2018. 

Since then manufacturers, processors, sellers, and consumers have all equally enjoyed the freedom to use CBD legally. 

Nonetheless, it’s also vital to take note of CBD’s popularity in terms of legal structure. 

Had CBD been still illegal, it would have been very difficult for people to conduct businesses. 

Let alone earn profit and make it to the clothing or skincare industry. 

So, this means that the legal status allows CBD skincare companies to freely use it as an ingredient in their products. 

Famous Skincare Brands Love CBD 

Brands like Sephora tied up with the CBD industry in 2018. 

And things got quite serious from there onwards with Sephora launching a pure CBD skincare line in partnership with Saint Jaine. 

While this was a huge turning point for the CBD industry, other brands like CBDFX, CBD Living, hhemp.co, and Bloom Farms stood their ground.



In fact, so far, several brands have made it into the CBD market. 

They label their products with cannabinoid concentration, ingredient list, and most vitally, a third-party lab report. 

All this, combined with the usage of organic hemp has helped these companies form a loyal customer base over a certain span of time. 

After all, anyone with genuine skin concerns would like to purchase skincare products only from trustworthy brands. 

Interestingly, all the brands mentioned above have quite a reputation. 

So If you wish to buy CBD skincare, don’t forget to check out these stores.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, when it comes to skincare with CBD, you must have a shot at it. 

It can help you deal with normal to mild skin conditions easily. 

Rest assured, checking in with a doctor before changing anything in your skincare regimen is a must. 

Your doctor has deep knowledge and understanding regarding every skin condition. 

They can better inform you what works best for your skin and what does not. 

So, whatever you decide, know that medical opinion can only make things easier for you. 

As for CBD-induced skincare products, it’s here to stay, the trend is skyrocketing, and you will always have a chance to introduce CBD in your skincare routine. 

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