Guide To Help Select a CBD Product to Fit Your Lifestyle Better
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How to Choose a CBD Product Matching Your Lifestyle

  • June 24, 2021

When it comes to CBD products, there is always a confusion regarding the products that can be inculcated in our day-to-day life. The market is flooded with options in the CBD sector. There are multiple products and very little info regarding how to pick CBD products. 


There are a couple of things that one needs to keep in mind when it comes to getting a product. As the popularity of CBD increases, so does the clutter around the product lines. There are plenty of amazing CBD-based companies in the market but at the same time, there are also plenty of dupes. Considering that there is no regulation around the manufacturing of CBD and CBD-based products it becomes essential that one stays up to date with the different aspects of the industry. 


Why Do You Need to Be Careful?

The problem is not just because of the sudden growth spurt of the industry. The problem is actually because of the people aiming to make a quick buck. FDA once even conducted their own study and found that most products don’t even contain CBD


Another study stated that most CBD products tested contain a significantly less amount of CBD than what they advertise. This means that most products negate any potential clinical response that can be derived from CBD.


 Because of how new this whole niche is, people are not aware of the things that one needs to look out for when they go shopping for a safe, high-quality, and pure CBD product. 


Things to Look For in a CBD  Product 

The most important thing to look for in a CBD product is the source, for it to be considered legal it needs to be extracted from hemp and not Cannabis. This is a major difference that one needs to be careful about.  


You need to ensure that the product that you decide to use is of the best quality as it will be directly interacting with your body making it essential to be safe at every point. So, you must carry out exhaustive research before making a purchase. 


Whenever you are about to buy a CBD product, you need to look at the following aspects on the product label. 


The Source

Start with checking the source of the CBD Oil. Hemp Oil (not hemp seed oil) is derived through Hemp flowers also called Cannabis Sativa L. To ensure the quality of the product, check where it has been farmed from. They need to be certified by the state’s department of agriculture.

The Manufacturing Method

The manufacturing process followed by the company in question is also important. Often low -cost products employ shady techniques to reach the end product which can negatively impact your health. The best process when you are looking at this would be whole plant infusion. 

The MG Count


More is not always better so you should not be looking at that when you are purchasing a CBD product. But at the same time, you do not want to spend a big amount on a glorified gar of coconut or olive oil. As a beginner, the best thing to invest in is a 30ML tincture that has around 900mg of CBD. Kind of an okay place to begin from. 



It is essential to ensure that every product is tested before you buy it. Every quality product will ensure that you have access to the Certificate of analysis which states what exactly is present in your product.  Reports tell you what the Milligram of CBD is in the product and if there are any heavy metals or pesticides present in the oil.


Let’s move to the products now, 


CBD Gummies

This is a great place to begin your foray into the world of CBD. There are plenty of different kinds of edibles available in the market. These range from cookies, chocolates, brownies to even drinks, coffee, and a lot more. 


When it comes to CBD gummies, there is an expansive selection in the market. You don’t have to get overwhelmed when you see the selection.  It is not all that tough to create an informed decision. There are plenty of companies that combine CBD with other wellness-based ingredients to provide you with an effective product.

CBD Gummies


Now, the only downside to choosing gummies over other methods is that they have the lowest bioavailability. This means that they take a slightly longer amount of time to create an impact on your system than the other forms of consumption would have. 


The gummy takes time to reach your bloodstream as they have to pass through the digestive tract before they reach the bloodstream.  They also lose concentration as they make the trip through the digestive tract.


However, for a beginner, they are a great option. They are pre-measured and so it becomes easy to track their effects. 


CBD Topicals

When you are looking for targeted relief, topicals are your best friend. At times all you need is relief from the exterior. 

CBD Topical

What makes topicals such a fan favorite is the fact that they do not have any contact with the bloodstream. Instead, all that happens is that it travels through multiple layers of skin before reaching the muscle in question. 


There are plenty of products available in this category. There are creams, lotions, bath bombs, and a lot more. 

CBD Tincture 

This is the go-to product for a large number of people and for good reason. They are administered sublingually, which means that the effects are quick to set in as the cannabinoids enter the bloodstream via the capillaries that are located under your tongue. 


There are three kinds of tinctures that you will find in the market. These are full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and isolates, 

CBD Tintures

Full-spectrum is the best choice if you are looking for the entourage effect. All the compounds that are traditionally found in the hemp plant are kept intact, ensuring that you get a synergistic effect of the plant which helps you gain relief and better manage your condition. 


The second is broad-spectrum which does not contain any THC, you still get some entourage effect but they are a lot more mellow as some cannabinoids are no longer present. 

If you are looking for pure CBD go for an isolate. 

The thing with any CBD consumption method that you undertake is the same. All you need to ensure is that you go slow. And build up as you get comfortable. What I would advise you to do is get one of every form and then decide what works best for you.

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