guide to using vape catridges

How to Use Your Vape Cartridge And FAQ

    When it comes to finding the most convenient and easy ways of using CBD, there is nothing that stands above vapes. The functionality of these devices is the reason why it has become a go-to method for most CBD consumers. It’s not just a favorite of the enthusiasts but is a perfect choice for beginners as well.

    The main component of every vape pen is a vape cartridge. It is this device that contains the vape juice that delivers all the therapeutic benefits. It comes in different shapes, sizes and flavors. So if you need to learn how to use these vape cartridges for the best experience, here’s an extensive guide for you. 

    Learn to Use Your Vape Cartridge

    Learn to use Vape catridges

    It’s very important to find the right vape cartridge for yourself. This is why the first step of vapes should be to identify the cartridge you need. 

    Vape cartridges can be of two types- disposable and refillable. The former is usually preferred by beginners because it is convenient. These cartridges are normally pre-filled with vape juice and have an atomizer. You can even get a pre-filled cartridge with a disposable vape pen. You will have to attach the cartridge to a battery to activate the atomizers. Once it is empty, you can dispose of the cartridge and move over to a new one. 

    On the other hand, there are refillable vape cartridges. Just like a disposable vape cartridge, you would need a battery to use the refillable varieties as well. However, these cartridges can be refilled and reused. 

    How to Use a Vape Cartridge?

    Using vape cartridges is not rocket science. Whether disposable or refillable, the process is very simple. Each of these vape cartridges features a 510 threaded vape tank. So they can easily be attached to a battery. You just need to screw or unscrew to attach or remove the cartridge from the battery. They are usually designed in a way so that they are easily attachable to any brand’s vape battery or vape pen. 

    In the case of disposable vape cartridges, you can discard them once the vape oil is used up and move over to a new one. As for refillable cartridges, you can fill them up with a new flavor or vape juice if you like. Remove the mouthpiece and squeeze in the juice until the cartridge is full. With refillable vape cartridges, you also can also increase the potency of your vape juice by using CBD additives. Mix it with your favorite flavor and enjoy the experience. 

    One drawback of disposable vape cartridges is waste. Since they are one-time use only, you have to throw them away as they are neither refillable nor rechargeable. Also, they may turn out to be more expensive than reusable cartridges in the long run. The disadvantage of refillable cartridges is that changing the juice more than two to three times may ruin the flavor and experience. 

    So take your time to figure out which vape cartridge will be the perfect fit for your lifestyle and situation. 

    Frequently Asked Questions About Vape Cartridges

    If you are a beginner and are confused about using a vape pen and cartridge, don’t worry. Here’s a solution to some of the most common questions related to vapes asked by consumers. 

    What should I look for in a vape cartridge?

    When buying a vape cartridge, always prioritize quality. Begin by looking at the construction and design of the cartridge. It should be durable so that it can last longer. The second thing to look for in a vape cartridge is the coil. The coil should be able to handle the heat for a long time instead of burning out.

    The quality of your draw also matters. You should be able to use the vape oil till the very last draw. This won’t be the case if the design isn’t efficient and you will only waste your vape oil. Last but not the least, pay attention to the capacity of the cartridge. If you are a regular consumer, you may need a cartridge with at least 1 ml capacity. 

    How to refill a reusable vape cartridge?

    Begin by unscrewing the cartridge from the battery. Now remove the mouthpiece at the top of the cartridge. Take your vape oil (use a syringe if needed) and fill in the tank avoiding the central hole. Be very careful to not overfill the tank. Wait for a few minutes before using the refilled cartridge.

    Do not overuse a refillable cartridge. After a few refills, you will experience a burnt flavor and not enjoy the experience. So stick to refilling only two to three times. 

    Are all vape cartridges universal?

    To add convenience to the experience of the consumer, about 99 percent of vape cartridges and batteries are interchangeable. You can use different brands of vape batteries with a different cartridge. Just to avoid any inconvenience, make sure to go for 510 threaded batteries and vape cartridges only. 


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