How to Use CBD for Anxiety- A Beginner's Guide
How to Use CBD Oil For Anxiety?

How to Use CBD for Anxiety – a Detailed Guide for Beginners

    Racing hearts and sweaty palms are never a good sign for people suffering from anxiety. The worst part about anxiety is that there’s no way to pinpoint where and when it starts. Nope, there’s no calm before the storm. It’s always an unwelcome guest.

    Whether severe or mild, today anxiety is ubiquitous in our society. This calls for a foolproof way to tackle the problem. Enter CBD.

    CBD for anxiety is increasingly becoming a popular choice among people. It’s natural, therapeutic and easily accessible which makes it a feasible option.

    But despite its rising popularity, beginners have a hard time trying to figure out how to use CBD for anxiety in the best way. So, here’s a detailed guide that will help you start.

    Is CBD Good for Anxiety?

    Yes, CBD is good for anxiety. The major cannabinoid has proven to be a great aid in treating anxiety disorders such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) among others. CBD regulates anxiety by calming the mind and body and diffusing triggering thoughts and other contributors of anxiety.

    Now, the study regarding the anxiolytic effects of CBD are still at it’s budding stage so it’s not exactly clear as to how the cannabinoid works in the body to deliver anti-anxiety effects. However, there are some observations and theories that may be seen as a possible reason why CBD regulates anxiety. Let’s discuss a few.

    CBD inhibits the enzyme FAAH which is generally responsible for degrading anandamide. As a result, the level of the endocannabinoid increases which helps regulate feelings of anxiety.

    CBD is also responsible for reacting with the serotonin receptors that allows the body to maintain a certain level of serotonin which also improves the mood and anxious feelings.

    How to Use CBD for Anxiety?

    If you are ready to use CBD for anxiety and manage its symptoms effectively, a few points can help you reach the goal. Let’s walk through these points one by one.

    Consult a Professional

    Now, CBD does not require you to get a recommendation from a licensed doctor or have yourself registered anywhere. CBD is legal in most US States. However, it’s still not the best idea to use it to treat your anxiety or any other health condition without consulting a professional.

    Administering CBD involves more knowledge than just finding a product and using it. You need to look into the details such as ingredients and if there’s any chemical that can worsen your anxiety or harm your body in any way.

    You can get in touch with a doctor or a professional who has experience with CBD to get the necessary guidance on consuming CBD for anxiety.

    Choose the Right Product

    CBD products are not purely CBD. It can be a concoction of different cannabinoids and terpenes or contain botanicals to customize a product for a particular medical condition. You must go through such details and get one that best suits your anxiety disorder. Feel free to connect with a professional for the same.

    In addition to this, there’s a huge variety of CBD products in the market. There are CBD cigarettes, tinctures, edibles and more. If you go down the rabbit hole, you’ll end up more confused than ever. So, before scrolling through different websites and online CBD stores, learn about the pros and cons of each.

    For instance, CBD edibles have a slower onset than smokes but can deliver more potent effects. So, it’s ultimately up to you to sort your preferences and choose one accordingly.

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    Stick to the Recommended CBD Dose for Anxiety

    CBD Oil for Anxiety

    The tricky thing about dosing CBD for anxiety is that it doesn’t go along the one size fits all rule. Some observe the calming sensations after a high dose whereas for others, a small amount would suffice. In fact, the effects of CBD also vary from person to person. The following factors can greatly impact the way anti-anxiety effects of CBD are received by a person:

    • Individual factors like weight, metabolism, genetics, etc.
    • Method of administration
    • Quality of CBD
    • Time of consumption
    • Severity of anxiety
    • Environmental factors
    • Prescribed medications (if any)

    When dosing CBD, it is observed that while a low dose is therapeutic and effective in regulating anxiety, a high dose can reverse the effects and make anxious feelings worse.

    To avoid any such side effects, make sure to always microdose. Start with a small amount and make your way up based on the effects on your body. Go one day at a time. It’s the safest way to consume CBD without worrying.

    Pay Special Attention to Product Quality

    CBD can tackle anxiety only when you have a good quality product. Many CBD products labeled as CBD barely have any CBD to relieve anxiety. Products labeled as ‘hemp oil’ or ‘hemp seed oil’ are generally extracted from hemp seeds and contain little to no CBD. So, do not fall for the false marketing.

    Try going for full spectrum CBD as it contains a little bit of THC that can enhance the anti-anxiety effects of CBD.

    In addition to this, the hemp source says a lot about the final product too. The cultivation methods employed during the different stages of cannabis growth, the production methods and the handling process, everything will ultimately impact the quality of CBD oil in the product.

    You can find this information by going through the brand’s website or just reading the labels and certificate of analysis closely. Make sure that the final product is tested by a third party accredited and meets the ISO standards and certified for the same.

    Be Prepared for Side Effects

    CBD is marketed as a natural, organic and therapeutic supplement. This often overshadows the fact that CBD can have side effects. Though they are not as severe as most pharmaceuticals, CBD can cause some side effects. It’s best to be aware of these possibilities instead of worsening your anxiety by being scared of the effects.

    You can expect severe to mild dry mouth, loss of appetite, diarrhea, drowsiness and fatigue. It is generally observed among beginners since the body is not accustomed to the changes of CBD. In case these symptoms persist, discontinue using the product and reach out to a professional for guidance.


    CBD has a long list of health benefits and anxiety happens to one of them. Anxiety triggers easily and most of the country suffers from it. CBD provides a natural and holistic alternative to anxiety medications.

    As long as you have the right product and follow the right dose, there’s no reason for CBD to not work. In any case, make sure to consult a doctor or an experienced consumer to have some guidance or tips on using CBD for anxiety in the best way possible.

    Did You Know: Besides CBD, Delta 8 THC also has anti-anxiety and calming properties. Buy Delta 8 Here

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