Guide to Dabbing CBD Wax

Guide to Dabbing CBD Wax

This is the hottest new trend on the block to experience the full potential of CBD. You use CBD in its most potent form thus gaining all the possible benefits from the compound. Dabbing has actually been touted as the best way to use full-spectrum cannabis concentrates as well. Which is how it has come into the CBD concentrate sphere as well. 

What Is Dabbing? 

dabbing CBD

In dabbing, you inhale the vapor from a concentrate that is achieved by heating it to extremely high temperatures. This is technically similar to smoking but it uses very different equipment to get the work done. 

Dabbing is a more bioavailable way to consume CBD. That means that it is easily absorbed by the bloodstream making it a lot more effective than your standard consumption methods. CBD wax helps you experience all the benefits of CBD without the added issue of getting high.  

Different Ways To Dab 

Dabbing is a little more complicated than your standard CBD consumption options. There is a different apparatus involved in every different way that you decide to dab in. Some ways you can dab are: 

Dab Rigs/Water Pipe 

Dabbing with CBD is a pretty new concept, so the most prominent way you would see is by using a dabbing rig. There are a variety of dab rigs available on the market, but the basics of using each remain the same. 

A dab rig consists of glass pipes making it seem very similar to a bong. The different elements of a rig are:


This is like a bowl in which you heat up the concentrate using a blow torch. There are three primary options you can choose from;

Domed Nails

These are glass nails that you need to use with large glass domes. Once you heat the glass nail, it needs to be covered with a dome to hold in the vapor. 

Domeless Nails

These do not require a glass dome to use and you get to pick between titanium, quartz, glass, and ceramic.


You can actually completely eliminate the fire element by getting an e-nail. This uses electricity to heat up, making the whole process much easier. Some e-nails even give you the option of controlling the temperature of the nail and offer increments of 5° Fahrenheit. 


You need a mini blow torch. This needs to have enough power to heat the nail upon which the concentrate is put for heating and turn for vaporizing. 

Dome/Carb Cap

This is not really important; it depends on the kind of nail you decide to use. In case you choose to use a cheap nail, you would need a cap to hold the vapors to inhale them. 


As we are heating the nail, too high temperatures and concentrates usually have a sticky texture, which makes our hands a terrible choice to use. Instead, you need a wand to transfer the concentrate.

Dab Pens

These tools are very similar to vape pens. They consist of batteries and coils that heat up when you press a button. With pens, you directly put the concentrate on the coil and then heat the device up. There is a myriad of options available in the market with differing styles, voltages, shapes, and battery capacity. 

Nectar Collectors

These are also called Dab straws and this is probably the easiest way to dab out of the lot. In this method, a straw-like device made from metal, ceramic, or glass is used. In the end, a collector is placed which is heated with a butane torch and you inhale on the other end. Just ensure that you place the end on a heat-resistant surface or you might end up destroying your property. 

CBD Concentrates Available For Dabbing 

CBD concentrates

The process depends on this. Dabbing is done with a concentrate that has high amounts of the Cannabinoid CBD. This is what makes dabbing a lucrative undertaking as you receive the purest most unadulterated form of CBD.  Most times CBD concentrates are derived from CBD-rich hemp flowers, which means that you can be sure that there is no THC present or even if it is, it is not more than 0.3%.

Concentrates are available in a large number of variants, each one with its own pros and cons. 

CBD Shatter 

Also known as a slab, it remains solid at room temperature. Any change you want to make in the slab is only done with the application of heat. The only issue with this is that it leaves residue in the container which is hard to reclaim. 

CBD Oil 

CBD oil is different from conventional oils as it has a texture very similar to that of thick honey. The issue with oils is that they tend to spread everywhere in the container and that makes it hard to clean. 

CBD Crystalline

The purest form of the extract is also one of the most expensive entrants on this list. Crystalline can have up to 99.9% CBD content in its isolated form. Its texture is very similar to that of shatter. 

CBD Crumble /Wax

A wax or crumble combines the qualities of shatter and oil into one great product. This isn’t as vicious as oil but at the same time, it is not as hard as shatter making it perfect for dabbing. 

If you are looking to dab for the first time, it is advised that you make your way to a dabbing lounge to understand the basics. But considering how that might not be a possibility for everyone, you can try out a portable dab pen for starting out and then eventually move towards the more elaborate equipment. 

The Bottom Line

If you are looking to try out CBD wax or any other concentrate, there is no time like the present to give Dabbing a try. There are more people than ever using CBD to help manage their medical conditions and with the Farm Bill, it is perfectly legal to give hemp-derived CBD a shot. 

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