What Is Delta 8 THC?
Delta 8 THC is one of the cannabinoids naturally found in cannabis (hemp and marijuana plants). The cannabinoid has garnered a huge popularity in recent years, thanks to its close imitation of Delta 9 THC, but in a mild and subdued fashion.

The psychoactive effects of this cannabinoid are more preferable for new and recreational consumers.

More and more brands have come up with their own Delta 8 THC ranges ever since this THC uproar in the market. With due appreciation for its calming, relaxing, relieving, and euphoric benefits, their consumption has increased manifolds recently.

From delicious watermelon-flavored gummies to D8-infused hemp smokes and vapes, cherry sublingual drops, relief roll-ons, and whole D8 flowers; the product ranges are becoming increasingly expansive.

These delta goodies can prove to be a great addition to your routine if you’re looking for mild psychoactive effects that help you relax after a long day at work.
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Benefits of Delta 8 Products

Physical Discomfort
Better Sleep
Appetite Boost
Anti Nausea

Let your D8 dose bring relief from your occasional discomfort and soreness anytime of the day.
Enjoy a mild sense of euphoria with just the right amount of cognitive control.
As per studies, D8 has the potential to be neuroprotective.
Dose right and enjoy a night of deep slumber without any groggy mornings.
Studies suggest that very low doses of delta 8 increases your hunger.
A study published on Pub Med shows that Delta 8 can help prevent nausea.

Is Delta 8 the Same As THC?
No, Delta 8 THC and Delta 9 THC are different. Delta 9 tetrahydrocannabinol, otherwise referred to as THC is a much more potent cannabinoid found abundantly in the cannabis plant.

Delta 8 is comparatively less potent and also cannot be found in abundance naturally. Instead, delta 8 used in most products is synthesized from hemp plants.

Apart from these, both delta 8 and delta 9 THC have psychoactive properties, have similar chemical structures, and even lead to similar side effects. The effects of Delta 8 are milder.
How Does Delta 8 Make You Feel?
You can feel mild psychoactive effects after consuming Delta 8 products. You might experience a sudden sense of calmness and relaxation, feelings of euphoria along with enjoying its relieving benefits.

The euphoric effects of D8 are mellow as compared to D-9 THC and do not lead to side effects like paranoia, hallucinations, or other extreme reactions that can happen after D-9 overconsumption.
Does Delta 8 THC Show Up on a Drug Test?
Possibly. Delta-8 has similar psychoactive effects as Delta 9, only milder. Therefore, during a drug test, there is always a possibility that you’ll show positive results. We recommend shifting to a CBD isolate product or ceasing consumption prior to your drug test to ensure you pass the test.
Can Delta 8 Make You Hallucinate?
No, Delta 8 products will not make you hallucinate. While D8 is also a psychoactive cannabinoid, its effects aren’t as strong as D9. Therefore, it doesn’t have the same extreme side effects as paranoia, hallucinations, etc.

However, you might experience other side effects like:

Altered perception of time, memory, and sight
Lethargic and sedated
Dry mouth, etc.

How Much THC Is in Delta 8?
Delta 8 products only contain the legal limit of 0.3% THC or less. Any percentage of delta 9 higher than 0.3% in recreational CBD and THC products is illegal. In some cases, you can find delta 8 products without any D-9 THC (broad-spectrum products).
How Long Does Delta 8 Stay in Your System?
Delta 8 can stay in the system for up to 30 – 90 days depending on the frequency of use. The cannabinoid shows effects for up to a few hours post-consumption but can be detected even after a few weeks. This also depends on the type of test being performed and the potency of the product.

Frequency: Beginners or those who don’t consume D8 regularly can show traces of the cannabinoid within the first 4 – 5 days of consumption. Frequent users, on the other hand, can show positive results for up to a month or even more.

Drug Test: There are 4 major drug tests: Saliva, Blood, Hair, and Urine.

Saliva test- Can detect D8 up to 24 hours.
Blood test- Can detect D8 up a few hours.
Urine test- Can detect D8 up to 48 days.
Hair test- Can detect D8 consumed in the period of 3 months.

Potency of Product: High potency delta 8 products take longer to leave the body completely, however, lower potencies take shorter periods. If you wish to get rid of all D8 traces from your body, you should invest in lower potencies.

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