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Increasingly growing CBD market has not limited the goodness of the cannabinoid for just human wellness but has included your pets too. Products specifically designed for pets are getting popular among pet parents who are ready to do anything for their pet’s wellness and health. Benefits of cannabidiol for humans are known by the majority and similar benefits can be experienced by your pet too.

Animals have an endocannabinoid system similar to human beings. Which means, CBD can work for them and offer its benefits in an exact same manner as it works for human beings. However, since pets cannot consume all the CBD infused products and supplements that are considered safe for human consumption, it is better to invest in a product that is curated keeping in mind the health and body of pets.

Unlike CBD for humans, CBD for pets does not have a wide variety of products to choose from, but still there are decent options. You can choose to purchase CBD tinctures or treats, whatever you think shall work for your furry friend.

CBD tinctures are a great medication for your pet as they can not only help in pain and inflammation reduction but can significantly enhance their mood by reducing the heavy feelings of anxiety, stress, and depression. It is a great product for situations when your pet enters a state of panic or fear as well.

The best thing about CBD tinctures is that they are not unnecessarily fancy. Just give your pet a dropper of goodness and let CBD work for them.

Benefits of Pet CBD Oil

  • Pain Relief
  • Reduces Stress
  • Helps With Anxiety and Fear
  • Manages PTSD


What Are Pet CBD Oil?

Pet CBD oils are similar to the regular CBD tinctures that are consumed by human beings. Difference lies in the list of ingredients as they are made specifically for animals. It is basically CBD in liquid state that can either be consumed sublingually or you can add the desired quantity to your pet’s everyday food.

Is It Safe for Puppies?

CBD is safe for young as well as old pets. The trick is to offer a very small quantity of the product initially to see how your pet reacts to it. We recommend consulting a veterinarian as they can help you understand your pet and their requirements better.

How Much CBD Should I Give to My 2 Years Old Cat?

The CBD dosage shall depend on a lot of factors. From the age of your pet to their size, body type, health condition, metabolism, and lifestyle. We would suggest you contact a pro cannabis veterinarian. They can help you determine the right type and dose of CBD that shall work best for your pet.

Will Pet CBD Oil Have Any Side Effects?

Even though CBD is considered non intoxicating and safe for almost anyone and everyone, there is a slight chance that your pet may be allergic to the cannabinoid or they may face a little trouble initially. Issues that are experienced by pets, in rare circumstances, include vomiting, itching, and drowsiness. Major reason behind these side effects is found to be wrong dosage.

Can I Give My CBD Oil to My Pet?

There are certain CBD oils available in the market that are considered effective and safe for both human beings and animals but not every product shall come under that category. We highly recommend reading labels before experimenting with these products on your dog or simply investing in products that are specially designed for your pet. In either case, it will only benefit your pet and save you from possible repercussions.

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