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What Is CBD Chocolate?

Chocolates have, since forever, been known to offer a sense of joy. Combining one stress burster with another will only give you a blissful product that will be your saviour for all those stressful days and pre-presentation jitters.

CBD chocolate, as the name suggests is CBD infused Chocolate. It comes in a variety of shapes and flavors. CBD chocolates are an amazing treat slash treatment for anxiety, stress, and depression. However, they may not be great for treating insomnia or improving sleep quality, considering the caffeine content they contain. This also implies that CBD chocolates along with boosting your mood, shall increase your energy levels, preparing you gracefully for the rest of your day.

Chocolates contain anandamide, which targets the same brain structure as THC. You can expect the effects of both THC and CBD without having to consume higher concentration of THC. The effects of CBD chocolate may not be psychoactive but will definitely target every other area that is often related to THC. Better appetite, mood, and cognitive functions will be complimentary benefits along with the benefits of CBD just because you chose to eat CBD infused in a chocolate.

There is no one fixed CBD to chocolate ratio. Each type of bar shall have a different concentration of CBD. So, it is important for consumers to understand how much CBD one piece contains. Once you calculate that, you will know how many pieces of chocolate you are supposed to consume to get the desired effects of CBD.

Not to forget, chocolates contain lipids that are basically fats and CBD is fat soluble. Which means, effects of CBD shall last longer and your money spent will go further.

Benefits of CBD Chocolate

Reduces Stress Uplifts Mood Energizes Lasting Effects


Will CBD Chocolates Get Me ‘High’?

CBD chocolates contain less than 0.3% THC. In this amount, you will not feel any euphoric or psychoactive effects of THC. CBD does not have any psychoactive properties so that totally eliminates your chances of getting ‘high’.

Can We Cook or Bake Products Using CBD Chocolates?

Yes, CBD chocolates are like any other chocolate in the market with an additional therapeutic ingredient. Using it for baking or cooking shall be completely okay. Feel free to enjoy the goodness of CBD chocolates in your homemade cookies and brownies.

Is CBD Chocolate Legal in My State?

CBD chocolate, or any other CBD product that you will find in our store, is derived from hemp which has been made legal federally, according to the farm bills. So, it is legal in the US to consume and purchase hemp based CBD products. However some state laws may differ. You will have to check your state’s laws and stand regarding both CBD and cannabis as a medication.

Does CBD Chocolate Actually Work?

If you are purchasing it from the right source that not just verbally guarantees but proves their product quality through certification and lab testings, your CBD chocolate will definitely work for you. The effects may be delayed because the orally consumed product will enter the digestive system but they shall be long lasting as well.

Should I Consume CBD Chocolate at Night?

Chocolate contains a considerable amount of caffeine which is enough to disrupt your sleep cycle. It is advised to avoid consuming it at night as it will probably keep you awake and energized. Having a piece or two before an important meeting or presentation that you are anxious about will be a more suitable situation for consuming CBD chocolate.

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