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CBD vape pens and cartridges offer an appealing choice to consumers – they offer many benefits without the intoxicating effects of Delta-9 THC. Vaping CBD is the fastest way to feel its effects and benefits, which are many. One of those popular benefits is its ability to help with addictiveness. Many people have even claimed vaping CBD helped them stop smoking nicotine. It’s also legalized in the majority of the USA, but it’s important to check your local state CBD laws.

Browse the Online CBD Store, and find highly rated CBD vape pens and cartridges for sale. We have the most popular brands from all over the USA, including California! 

The market for CBD cartridges is continuing to grow tremendously. This has led to a massive wave of new CBD brands from all over the USA, which gives customers a much wider variety to choose from when seeking a non-intoxicating, organic, and even flavored alternative to THC or nicotine-rich tobacco products. It’s important to understand the many benefits that come from vaping hemp CBD oil. We start with an insightful wealth of information below, about the effects of the hemp-derived chemical compound Cannabidiol.

CBD Effects

CBD benefits

If you’re wondering how does CBD make you feel? The answer is an improvement of well-being, which means it can help enhance your mood. CBD has been shown to help with chronic pain, stress, generalized anxiety disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, symptoms related to ALS, diabetic complications, and many more. Some studies have shown that CBD products can even help to protect individuals from neurological disease. 

When it comes to the helpful and medicinal effects of CBD, vaping is the fastest method of delivery. These CBD oil cartridges and disposable vape pens are made from high-quality natural hemp that undergoes an in-depth testing process. 


  • Sleep – Get a full night of rest with the aid of cannabidiol.
  • Promotes a Healthy Digestive system – If you’re having stomach problems or feeling nauseous, chances are cannabidiol can help provide relief.
  • Stress Reliever – Encourages the ability to relax for those who can use some assistance.
  • Control your anxiety, and get the relief you need. It does not get you high and can help relieve anxiety.
  • Pain Relief – Feel better with the anti-inflammation properties of this cannabinoid. 
  • Neuroprotective properties – There have been clinical studies that can be found online, with evidence showing CBD can promote a healthier mental state of mind.
  • Balance your immune system – This includes helping to balance hormones and adrenal functions. We included a link to a Doctor explaining more insight into this area of benefit. 

What Are The Differences Between CBD Vs THC

CBD vs THC benefits

One of the most frequently asked questions for people inexperienced with Cannabidiol is what is the difference between it and THC. The main difference is that it’s not going to affect your mind because it’s non-psychoactive. It’s also non-habit-forming for people worried about addiction. There are products that have Delta-8 THC, which is derived from Hemp, and legalized in many states. This cannabinoid is sometimes mixed with cannabidiol and can cause a mild “high” feeling. We do not ship to states where their laws are not friendly towards either one of these cannabinoids. 


It’s important to also understand what are terpenes, and their role in providing effects, too. Let’s first start off by with the fact that they will not get you high. Terpenes are found in many plant species and are responsible for smell, and taste. There are many types of terpenes that will provide additional effects with Cannabidiol effects. Understanding the different effects of all available terpenes can help provide focus to a health issue, and also provide you with the benefit desired. Let’s break down a few below.


Known for its citrus aroma properties, and commonly found in fruits, rosemary, peppermint, hemp, and cannabis! When inhaled, it’s known for energy-boosting properties similar to coffee, but without calories! It can be great to use during the daytime and to assist in focusing. There is also a ton of research that proves Limonene has Cancer killing properties. This terpene also has anti-inflammatory properties. Also, promote your immune system with its antioxidant properties!


This terpene can be found naturally in hops, mangos, lemongrass, cannabis, and hemp! It’s known for its ability to help people relax, which can be a great aid for those with anxiety. It also has sedating properties and is recommended to aid people trying to get a good night’s rest of sleep. There are studies available online with evidence showing Myrcene has antitumor properties. Additional studies have shown a benefit for helping skin age gracefully, and minimize signs of wrinkles.


Out of the handful of terpenes found in Hemp, Linalool provides anti-psychoactive properties. This means it can help people suffering from depression, insomnia, and even anxiety. It can also help heal physically with its anti-inflammatory properties, as shown in this study done here. There was a study done on this precise terpene that discovered its healing properties with lung damage done by cigarettes. 


The A-pinene terpene can be found commonly in pine trees, rosemary, basil, cannabis, and hemp! There have been clinical studies showing many good health benefits from this terpene. Inhaling this specific terpene can aid as a Bronchodilator, and help open your lungs to breathe better. There is actually promise showing that this terpene can help reduce the short-term memory side effects produced by smoking Delta-9 THC.

Vaping CBD Guide 

It only takes a bit of CBD vapor inhaled to feel the effects within seconds. Vaping from a 510-thread cartridge will allow for small, medium, or large hits. It’s recommended to start with a single vape hit for a couple of seconds. Do not hold the CBD smoke, exhale right away. Be careful not to take a hit too big, or risk coughing or even choking on the smoke. It’s important to wait for the effects to be felt before proceeding with additional vape hits of CBD. 

Do not leave your prefilled vape cartridge inside your car on a hot day, or prepare for the possibility of it leaking. This can happen in places where it’s really hot, and that’s because the CBD oil can thin, and release from the mouthpiece with 510-thread cartridges. It’s also important not to leave your vape cartridge in a freezing environment, or the CBD oil inside will become tough to use. 

How Many Vape Hits Are Recommended?

It’s important to find that sweet spot with just the right amount of puffs to maximize the benefits. A proper amount of CBD will provide a ton of relief for many ailments. A more experienced CBD user may take one or two hits for a few seconds. This hemp-derived chemical compound will also not show up on a drug test, because those tests are looking for THC. It’s really important to be patient with the effects, and allow them to gradually increase with time. This technique will help maximize the benefits and do so while conserving your CBD vape products. After vaping a couple of hits, it’s recommended to wait for a half-hour.

What Happens if I Vape too Much CBD?

Vaping too much CBD will not cause any harmful side effects. But can cause dry mouth and dry eyes. It’s important to keep a water bottle nearby to stay hydrated when vaping CBD pens. It’s recommended by Harvard medical to inform your doctor if you’re going to consume CBD often, because of the effects it has on the liver similar to taking Tylenol. It’s always crucial to remember with this cannabinoid, less is always more with the effects. 

Buy Highly Rated CBD Vape Pen Kits From Our Online Store

The Online CBD Store is a highly rated and authorized retailer that sells top-quality products from trusted brands. We encourage you to read the reviews left by customers who purchased CBD vape pens and cartridges here. There is a lot of additional insight in their feedback, which can help you figure out the best option. Buy Hemp-derived CBD legally online, only if you live in a state with friendly laws. 

Every CBD vape oil is tested for harmful chemicals such as pesticides and heavy metals. Buy organically produced CBD from all-natural hemp. Shop our massive selection of disposable vape pens, CBD vape pen kits, CBD cartridges, Delta 8 THC vape additives, and more. 

When it comes to vaping CBD oil, there are a number of different options to choose from. The most popular options are CBD cartridges. Both of these options have a list of pros and cons, and choosing the right one comes down to a matter of preference. Some, such as disposable pens, are more convenient but do not offer some of the options that others offer.

Lab Tested CBD Oil Cartridges 

CBD products sold by Online CBD Products undergo a detailed lab analysis from a third-party laboratory. The result of this test is a COA, or certificate of analysis, which is a statement that verifies the potency and quality of the CBD oil vape pen and disposable CBD vape cart in question. Third-party labs also test all products for the presence of harmful solvents, pesticides, microbial, dangerous metals, and mycotoxins. The COA also contains a detailed list of all the individual terpenes present and their amounts, and even shows which terpenes are not present in the hemp product. This ensures that customers are getting quality CBD vape pens and disposable CBD pens that are safe for consumption.

Well Known CBD Brands

Many of these disposable CBD disposable vape pens come in a variety of flavors, which makes them quick and easy to use. They do not require users to charge them, as they come precharged. However, some CBD vape pens may need to be charged, and are rechargeable, ensuring that the battery won’t run out before all the CBD oil has been used. The Koi and Big Chief brands both offer a 1 gram disposable vape pen with 200-300 puffs. Many of these CBD vape pens are available in different flavors and are easier to use.

Bloom Farms CBD

Online CBD Store has the Blooms Farm CBD brand, which originates from California. They are available in prefilled CBD oil 510-thread cartridges. These types of carts are the most common type of connection for vape batteries. 

These CBD cartridges are made using high-quality, natural, lab-tested hemp grown in the United States of America. They are non-GMO and approved by the FDA, and contain 250 mg of CBD. These carts contain a cannabinoid percentage of over 60%, containing CNG, CBC, CBN, and CBD, and have a robust amount and concentration of natural terpenes. Producing over 300 draws per cart, these high-quality vape carts, bring customers an enhanced CBD experience.

These easy-to-use CBD vape pens activate by drawing, unlike some 510 batteries, which have a button that activates the battery.

510 Vape Cartridges Are The Most Popular Type

The universal and most popular type of connection for vaping CBD cartridges, the 510 vape cartridge, is the industry standard when it comes to vape carts. 510 refers to the specifications of the thread connection that is used on the male and female portions of these connections – M7x0.5 mm. M7 refers to the diameter of the connection, which is 7 mm. The 0.5 mm refers to the distance between each thread, which is .5 mm. There are ten threads at .5 mm per thread for a total length of .5 mm, hence the name 510.

These types of vape cartridges are made from metal and glass. There is also a metal wire inside which heats up a ceramic piece inside which causes the vapor from the CBD oil. One drawback is the risk of cracking the glass and allowing the CBD oil to escape. Nonetheless, the 510 thread cartridges provide a great experience for vaping on demand. They are the most popular that are sold for vaping cannabis oil in legalized states, and countries. 

510 Vape Pen Battery

These CBD cartridges are extremely popular because they are compatible with the vast majority of the vape pen batteries available on the market. This is especially helpful for consumers who vape regularly, as these batteries are rechargeable (most often using a common micro USB cable) and CBD cartridges can be swapped at any time. 

However, many options of CBD vape oil cartridges can be carried and swapped out using the same 510 battery connection, allowing for more options than a disposable unit. They also tend to allow customers to take larger draws than disposable units. These are all things that must be taken into consideration based on personal preference.

Disposable CBD Vape pens And Bars 

People, who do not vape CBD often, may find themselves using a disposable vape pen. These are very popular because they are ready to use right away, and do not require pushing any button to inhale the CBD. They are typically smaller than prefilled 510 CBD oil cartridges, and will mostly last until it’s empty. Their smaller size allows them to be taken on the go easier, and they tend to have less risk of cracking the cartridge itself. 510 vape cartridges can crack and leak if dropped, and many disposable units are sealed to reduce this risk.

Some disposable units do offer the option to be recharged, which comes in handy if it runs out of power. This makes CBD vape pens and bars an ideal option for those who are unfamiliar with vaping.

CBD Delta 8 Vape Juice Additive For Sale

For those who want to add a little extra flavor and/or enhancement to their CBD oil experience, D8 vape additives are an excellent choice. These can be used with refillable tanks, much like nicotine vape pens. These Delta-8 vape juice additives are designed to be combined with vaping liquids, or e juices, and allow customers to enhance any of their favorite traditional vape juices with the rich effects that Delta 8 products have to offer. 

Delta 8 Tetrahydrocannabinol, known more commonly as Delta 8 THC, is a substance that is found in some types of hemp and cannabis. Delta 8 THC is a mild form of the psychoactive effects of Delta-9 THC from cannabis. Delta-8 THC has grown tremendously in the last few years as they essentially give customers the best of both worlds. 

Best Online CBD Store 

It’s our goal to provide access to only the best CBD disposable vape cartridges and pens. We will never allow any product with a bad reputation to be in our inventory. Browse our massive selection of Cannabidiol products that come in a variety of options that include edibles, hemp flowers, vape cartridges, and more. 

Customers can also find a wide variety of other CBD and Delta 8 products, including:

  • CBD Hemp Flower Products, Buds, CBD cigarettes, and prerolls
  • CBD Dabs (Requires a dab rig, dab straw, or nectar collector. Taking a dab allows for much bigger dosages, which the effects are felt a lot more and faster.)
  • Topicals, including lotions, balms, sprays, patches, and pain creams
  • Edibles and drinks, including candy, gummies, and chocolates
  • Drinks – Now you can drink this cannabinoid in a refreshing and sealed beverage. Buy infused teas, syrups, water, and more from our Online CBD Store. Even find vegan-friendly options available for sale! Also, available is hemp coffee for those who want to combine this cannabinoid with their morning routine.

All of these products are made from high-quality, lab-tested industrial-grown hemp.

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