How do CBD bath products work?
The reason why CBD bath bombs are considered to be topicals are because of how they dissipate in the water and get absorbed through the skin. CBD topicals are being studied like any other form of CBD, and have shown encouraging results. Research suggests that CBD topicals can help promote a sense of calm and relaxation. Not just that, The American Academy of Dermatology has also been studying the promising results that CBD has even recommended the use of CBD ad adjunct treatment against skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis and acne.

As we are looking forward to being relaxed after a bath, CBD has also been touted, as per certain studies, for its help in reducing anxiety, further making it easier for you to relax. All of these factors though, are also heavily dependent on what dosage of CBD is being used.
Which CBD bath product should you choose?
Depending on the concentration of cannabinoids in a product, all CBD products are classified as full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, or CBD isolates.

CBD Isolate
Full Spectrum CBD
Broad Spectrum CBD

Isolates are the most pure form of CBD. Flavorless and often colorless they are devoid of any additives to CBD. They are perfect for first time users willing to get the most of what they want from a CBD.
Full Spectrum CBD products contain many types of plant extracts like terpenes, essential oils and even other cannabinoids. They have less than 0.3% of THC, which is the highest allowable limit for any CBD extract in accordance with the 2018 US Farm Bill.
Broad Spectrums are similar to Full Spectrum in every extent. These products contain all the naturally occurring cannabinoids in the cannabis plant except THC.

CBD Bath Benefits
We know a lot about CBD and its medicinal properties in helping with many pain, inflammation and mental equilibrium conditions. Let us see how it has progressed to help us during the bath time too.

The heat accentuates relaxing properties of CBD
Improves production and management of sebocytes
Antibacterial and antifungal properties
Helps get and maintain mental clarity

A process of vasodilation in the blood vessels begins because of the introduction of heat, this accentuates the absorption of CBD through the skin. It relaxes your muscles and helps in breathing easily by opening up the airways.
A 2014 study got the conclusion that CBD can have a beneficial impact on cells that produce sebum called sebocytes. This helps create an equilibrium and further prevent acne.
With a study of cannabis plants shed light to the antibacterial and antifungal effects of CBD and other cannabinoids.
This may be helpful when used against skin infections.
The ECS controls and maintains the homeostasis of our body. This includes regulating our mood and emotions. CBD helps the ECS positively to help boost serotonin levels promote a better state of mind.

How long do you soak in a CBD bath bomb bath?
The whole procedure of bathing remains the same, with the exception of adding the CBD Bath bomb as the water fills your tub. As your space saturates with mesmerizing aromas, after soaking in the bath for 25-30 minutes you will start feeling the relaxation and calmness.
Do CBD bath bombs reduce pain?
Some studies suggest that CBD has pain relieving properties. There are hundreds and thousands of cannabinoid receptors beneath our skin. These cannabinoid receptors are tapped by the CBD in the bath bombs. The receptors are part of the endocannabinoid system, which help maintain homeostasis in the body.
How much CBD should be in a bath bomb?
There isn’t a solid number range to this, but 20mg should be the bare minimum for a relaxing CBD bath bomb if you are trying it for the first time. People who are accustomed to CBD generally use 150-175 mg CBD. The numbers can go more than 200mg too.
How long do CBD bath bombs take to work?
You should be in for a long enough time for the skin to start absorbing the CBD in the water. Also as the bath goes by the fragrant bath bomb will only make the experience better. About half an hour into the bath is when you will start feeling the effects of CBD.

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