What Are CBD Oil Tinctures?

A CBD Oil Tincture is an alcohol based extract that contains 60-70% alcohol leading to a longer shelf life. CBD tinctures are famous for the diversity of their use, being consumed sublingually, or as additives into different foods and drinks.

The wide range of flavors available make it perfect for an early morning energy boost, a midday drop of focus or a late evening relaxing potion for a long restful night.

Unlike other CBD products online, these are both quick in their effects and are a healthy CBD product. You can feel their effects within 30 minutes unlike edibles that might take hours, without putting your body, especially lungs through any risk.

Why Should You Try Some?

You should try CBD oil tinctures as they are perfect to get your CBD dose fast and without toxins. It’s clean, yummy and long lasting – the perfect combination of benefits you can gain from just a handful of drops. And the variety you’ll come across, we’re sure you won’t ever run out of new products to try!


Easy Dosage Quick Effects Flavorful Doses Longevity
Just follow the directions on the product. Taken sublingually, you’ll feel the effect immediately. Find them in a bunch of different flavors Has a longer shelf life due to the alcohol


Are CBD Oils and CBD Oil Tincture the Same?

CBD oil and CBD oil tincture are not the same. Even though it might seem that the two are the same, they’re not.
CBD oils are a combination of CBD and a carrier oil along with other minor components. CBD oil tinctures contain CBD suspended under 60-70% distilled alcohol.

These tinctures can be found in a variety of flavors so you can consume them without adding to other drinks (you can add them as well). These are fast acting when taken sublingually but usually have a lower potency than CBD oils.

Is Tincture the Best Way to Take CBD?

CBD tinctures are the best and most effective way of consuming CBD for quick results. There are multiple ways to take CBD but tinctures are definitely the most effective. These are fast acting when taken sublingually while edibles and drinks take much longer. These are also without the toxins that come with smoking or vaping weed. If you want quick results without the side effects of smoke in your lungs, tinctures are the best option.

What Is the Best Time of Day to Take CBD Tincture?

The best time to consume a CBD tincture depends on your purpose.

Morning tincture drops are helpful to relieve uneasiness, have a balanced state of mind and improve your focus. In this case, taking a few drops in the morning will be helpful.

If your purpose is to relax your muscles after working out, or take it as an energy supplement before working out, you can time your doses accordingly.

For better sleep and winding down after a long day, you should opt for sleep CBD tinctures half an hour before bed time.

Is It OK to Take CBD Oil Every Night?

Yes, you can take CBD oil every night, as long as you follow the directions specified about the dosage size. For first time users, using high potency CBD tinctures everyday can lead to some side effects like lethargy or dry mouth. It’s important to choose the potency according to your sensitivity to the product.

What Is the Downside of CBD Oil?

CBD oil tinctures do not have any substantial side effects but higher doses can lead to issues like lethargy, dry mouth, drowsiness, fatigue and reduced appetite. CBD can also interact with prescription drugs so it is always recommended to consult a physician if you’re on any type of medication. We also recommend not mixing CBD products with any intoxicators like alcohol.

How to Store CBD Oil?

The best way to store your CBD oils and tinctures is to keep it in the original packaging, at room temperature. Do not store the bottle in a refrigerator. Keep away from humid and moist areas. Do not expose it to heat and direct sunlight.

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