If you think humans suffer majorly from mental health conditions, have a look at your fluffy friend and remember those times when they were hiding in a corner of your room, under your bed, not ready to cuddle, or chewing everything they came across. Your pet may be feeling anxious, and that is perfectly normal in animals too. So, when people suggest mental health matters, it is not limited to just human beings, is all we are trying to say.

CBD has conquered the world for all the good reasons and the majority of us are already familiar with its beneficial effects and properties that can help manage mental health and pain. As aforementioned, pets too can experience similar issues like human beings, so CBD can be recommended as a medication to your canine companions as well.
Benefits of CBD for Pets

Promotes Happy State of Mind
Provides Relief
Has Calming and Relaxing Effects

Why Give CBD Treats to Pets?
While CBD for humans comes in a wide variety of products, it is not the case for pets. It’s either CBD oil or CBD treats for pets that seem a feasible option. Measuring and experimenting with dosage to find the right quantity of the oil that should be given to a pet is a task. CBD treats efficiently eliminate that issue. CBD-infused treats are pre-dosed with the quantity mentioned on the packaging. This can make the whole process of giving CBD to your pet pretty easy and simple. Not just that, pets love treats, there is no doubt about that. So, it will again be easier and more comfortable for both of you to get your pet the benefits of CBD.
Is CBD Safe for Pets?
CBD is absolutely safe for pets. Pets too have a similar endocannabinoid system as human beings and CBD for pets works exactly how it works for human beings. The non-intoxicating cannabinoid has least to no side effects on either of the two and all one shall receive from the product are benefits.
CBD Oil vs CBD Treats for Pets
Both the products work in an almost similar manner. While CBD oil can be given sublingually which shall promise immediate results, the process can be slightly difficult. In the case of CBD treats, the process is pretty sorted. But since CBD is getting ingested, there can be a delay in the delivery, the effects, however, shall be long-lasting too. Some CBD treats may not be soft enough to chew and digest. For instance, CBD-infused chew toys may take longer to break and get digested, in that case, CBD shall be consumed sublingually as well as it shall enter the first-pass effect. This shall imply that the effects of CBD, in this case, can be both immediate as well as long-lasting.
Do CBD Treats for Pets contain THC?
CBD that is sold online in our store is derived from hemp plants which majorly contains no THC but if in case a product has THC, it is less than 0.3% and the information regarding the same shall be clearly mentioned on the packaging of the product. However, in most cases, CBD treats for pets have least to no traces of THC.
Do I need to Consult a Vet?
Even though CBD is completely safe and legal to consume, we still recommend consulting your regular vet before giving your pet CBD-infused products to ensure your pet is not allergic to anything. The vet shall have a better idea about your dog’s condition and health. Moreover, this shall help you determine the right dosage and type of CBD that shall work best for your pet.

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