CBD infused topicals have taken over the market. And it is not just for human beings. There is a complete range of CBD infused topicals for pets too and there is, most definitely, more than one reason why you need to invest in them as a pet parent.

When it comes to helping your pet out with the troubles they experience on an everyday basis, you need to choose a product that shall be effective, safe, non toxic, and natural at the same time. CBD topicals make a lot of sense when you need to apply CBD on a particular area. Benefits of CBD for the human body are well known and the same effects of the cannabinoid can be enjoyed by your pet too, after all, they too have an endocannabinoid system just like you.

CBD topicals for pets stand out from other CBD infused products designed for pets because of the difference in consumption method which creates a significant difference in the effects of CBD. By applying topically, you are simply removing the whole digestion stage which takes the most time and is the reason why effects get delayed. CBD Topicals deliver the required effects in the same region where they are required. Which means there shall be no delay and no wastage of CBD in the first pass effect.

CBD pet topicals may not promote overall physical and mental wellness but they can help in circumstances that require targeted relief. You can use CBD topicals on your pet to reduce discomfort in a specific part of their body, or skin issues like itchiness, redness, rashes, and dryness.

Targets the Specific Area
Bypasses Digestive System
Stronger and Faster Effects
Easy to Use

Are CBD Topicals for Pets Effective?
Yes, CBD topicals for pets are effective and they work exactly how they work for humans. They are a great alternative to CBD edibles as they bypass the digestive system which shall save your pet some time and offer them beneficial effects without undergoing the first-pass effect.
Can I Use My CBD Topicals on My Pet?
The answer to this question shall be a partial yes. Even though it is not really dangerous to use your CBD topical on your pet, it is still inadvisable to do that. CBD topicals for pets are specifically curated keeping in mind the body type of animals and it shall have a different list of ingredients that are safe, non-toxic, and good for your pet’s health and skin.
What Would Happen If My Pet Licked CBD Topical?
The CBD topicals made for pets do not contain anything that can be toxic for your pet so you don’t need to worry. However, it is suggested that you delay the licking for at least 15 minutes so that the product gets absorbed in the skin and works for your pet.
CBD Topicals vs CBD Oil Which Is Better for My Pet?
Both CBD Topicals and CBD oil have considerably different effects and benefits. You can use CBD topicals on your pet when you aim to manage an external condition such as itching, pain, rashes, or something. CBD oil that is being ingested might have an effect on the overall relief and calm that your pet experiences instead of targeted benefits. Which product will prove to be better totally depends on the condition your pet is dealing with.
Are There Any Side Effects of CBD Topicals?
No, there are no significant side effects of CBD topicals if you are using a product that is designed specifically for animals. However, we highly recommend checking the ingredient list beforehand so that you can avoid products that have ingredients your pet is allergic to.

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