As CBD is getting more and more popular for its beneficial effects, cat parents are considering the supplement as a means to help their not-ready-to-socialize friend adjust a little to the new environment. It isn’t surprising to know that the cannabinoid is a hit in the pet market. After all, we all have experienced or at least explored the benefits of the same for us too.

CBD for Cats is a must-have for every cat parent as it will help you get over the problems that your cat and you as a cat parent face on a daily basis. This includes them not eating properly, hiding under a couch, leaving the house for long durations, and scratching almost everything which sometimes includes you too. A lot of people believe this is normal cat behavior but fortunately, it is not. Cats cuddle too, just like dogs or any other pets and the reason they are acting distant is probably that they don’t feel safe.

Cannabidiol is known for its amazing properties that can help your little fur ball calm a little and not just that, it can help them sleep, eat, have fun, be friendly, and much more.
Benefits of CBD for Cats

Happy Mood Support
Reduces Physical Discomfort
Helps Them Relax and Feel Calm

Is CBD safe for a kitten?
Yes, CBD is perfectly safe for cats and kittens. You can offer a small dosage if you feel your kitten needs a supplement that would help them calm down and get familiar with new faces and environments. However, make sure you are giving CBD in a very small dose in the initial stages, no matter how old your cat is.
Will CBD get my cat high?
Our CBD products contain CBD that is derived from hemp. Hemp is a rich source of CBD but has almost no THC. So, no, it would not get your cat high. Cannabidiol is a non-intoxicating, non-psychoactive cannabinoid of the cannabis plant.
Which CBD oil shall be the best for my cat?
Which CBD oil shall work best for your cat depends on a lot of factors. The age of your cat, their metabolism, lifestyle, condition they are suffering from, severity of the condition, and the delivery method used for consuming CBD. You will either have to experiment with different types of CBD oils that contain different concentrations of cannabinoids and terpenes or consult a veterinarian to find out which product shall work best for your cat.
How much CBD should I give to my cat while traveling?
The dosage of CBD depends on a number of factors that have a significant role to play in determining the effects of CBD on an individual being. From the age of your cat to the severity of their fear and travel sickness and the method of consumption you are opting for shall determine the right dosage. However, if your cat is new to CBD, we suggest giving a very small dose so that they get to adjust to the medication without experiencing any side or strong effects.
Which CBD product works the best?
Different products can be consumed in different manners and every consumption method has a different effect and benefit. Depending on the condition your cat is dealing with, you can choose to give them CBD orally by mixing it with their meal, sublingually, or applying CBD to the affected area of their body. While sublingual consumption will offer strong, immediate effects, giving CBD orally shall be easier for you and comfortable for your cat. Applying CBD will only work in some conditions but it will allow you to directly deal with the condition and bypass the whole digestion process which can slow down the delivery of effects a little.

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