Pets are no different from human beings when it comes to health, nutrition, and mental well-being. As much as it is important for beings to take care of themselves, it is equally important to take your pet’s condition and health into consideration. Like humans, pets too have an endocannabinoid system and this suggests that CBD would be similarly beneficial for them as well. This is one of the infinite reasons why you should be giving CBD to your dog or even cat, for that matter.

CBD for pets, just like CBD for human beings, come in a variety of forms. The component gained attention and importance as a natural supplement that supports physical well-being and can be used for the very same reasons on pets too. It is a non-psychoactive, chemical-free substance so you don’t have to worry about its side effects because there are none. However, it is important to purchase the products from reputed, reliable brands that are transparent about the ingredient list and the concentration of the components available in the product.

Several veterinarians are in favor of CBD usage in pets and often recommend their clients consider it as an option. It is definitely promising when it comes directly from a doctor.
Benefits of CBD for Pets

Relief From Physical Discomfort
Promotes Balanced State of Mind
Skin and Body Care

Is CBD safe for pets?
Of course! CBD is perfectly safe and effective for pets. Cannabidiol is a natural component derived from a plant. It won’t have any side effects whatsoever, given you are using it as per the instructions and not overdoing it. However, just to stay on the safer side, we suggest you consult your concerned veterinarian beforehand if your pet can have CBD.
Can I use my CBD products on my pet?
This shall depend on the product you are using and what the brand claims. There are several CBD-infused products out there that can be used by both humans and pets but it is certainly not applicable to all products. It is hence suggested to check the label properly, explore the website of the brand and see for yourself if it is mentioned, in writing, that the product is suitable for humans and pets. But if it is not mentioned, we highly recommend keeping both the products separate. Some products can be safe for humans but can react negatively to animals.
Can CBD products be used for just dogs and cats?
Although most of the time CBD infused products, or any pet product for that matter, are advised as a product for dogs and cats, it is not necessary until mentioned otherwise. CBD-infused products can be used on any animal, from dogs and cats to rabbits, goats, hamsters, etc.
Will it get my dog high?
CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid. It is not going to make you or your pet feel high. Sure, your dog may feel relief or sleepy after consuming CBD-infused products but those are usually results of them getting the calming effects and benefits associated with CBD.
How Much CBD should I be giving to my pet?
The dosage of CBD totally depends on the strength of the product, size, metabolism, age, and condition of your pet. It is advised to start slow and low to make sure your pet doesn’t get any unexpected reactions. You can increase the dosage after a certain period of time and experiment with different dosages until you find the right dose for your pet. Some products have a recommended dosage quantity mentioned on the packaging. It will still be beneficial if you give a lesser amount of CBD than mentioned for the first time.

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