What Is CBD Candy?
A CBD candy is a CBD infused sweet that contains a specific dose of cannabidiol extract. A lot of people presume CBD candy is just another name for CBD gummies, but that is not the case. They are all CBD infused edibles that have slight differences in their texture which definitely creates a difference in the effects they offer. So does that mean the effects of CBD candy would be different from the effects of gummies? Yes.

If we get in depth of the process of absorption of CBD through edibles, we will find that CBD candies have higher bioavailability than other edibles. Which implies more CBD shall get absorbed by the body in case of candy than gummies or other edibles.

The reason behind this is that other edibles, even though are consumed orally, spend very less time in the mouth. So the CBD follows the digestive tract and is first absorbed in the liver. Whereas, candies being hard are kept in mouth for a significantly longer period of time resulting in sublingual absorption.

This makes the effects faster as CBD directly gets absorbed by the glands and enters the bloodstream and long lasting as one can always end up chewing and eating the candy which would allow CBD to enter the digestive tract and undergo the whole digestion process.
Benefits of CBD Candy

Higher Bioavailability
Tasty Treat

Higher bioavailability makes CBD candies worth the money invested. More CBD is absorbed by the body and less wastage is what makes the product cost-effective.
Nobody’s going to question an individual enjoying their candy in public. Even though hemp based products are legal, federally, they still can grab unnecessary attention because of their resemblance with marijuana. One may not face these issues while consuming CBD orally via candies.
Candies are predosed. It is easy to calculate the amount of CBD one is consuming or needs to consume.
There is no doubt CBD candies or any edible for that matter are a delicious treat. Everyone loves candies even if they don’t really have a sweet tooth.

Are CBD Lollipops Better Than CBD Gummies?
Yes, CBD Lollipops are better than CBD gummies as they have a higher bioavailability and CBD gets absorbed sublingually resulting in faster effects. While both are considered CBD edibles, each one of them have different benefits on the consumer.
Is It Safe to Consume CBD Candies Regularly?
Yes, it is safe to consume CBD candies regularly. CBD in itself does not have any side effect. In fact, its therapeutic properties can help improve your overall health when consumed daily. However, CBD candies are sugar coated. So, you must use them in moderation.

CBD candies can certainly increase the sugar content in your diet. If you are fine with your body getting this extra shot of sweetness everyday, go ahead, have a candy but make sure you don’t overdo it. High sugar intake can attract several health issues.
Is CBD Content Higher in Candies Than Other Edibles?
CBD content candies is not necessarily higher that the CBD content in other edibles. This is because, the amount of CBD infused in a product varies from one brand to another. There can be a variety of candies available in the market with different CBD dosage. It is the bioavailability that creates the difference. Even if you consume a candy and a gummy that have equal CBD dosage, you will get more CBD in case of candy than a gummy simply because more CBD is absorbed in the former case.
Can I Change the CBD Dosage According to My Needs?
No, you cannot change the CBD dosage according to your needs when using candies. While it is possible in case of other CBD infused edibles that can be simply broken into half, CBD candy cannot be broken. So while it is easy to increase your dosage by taking two candies, you cannot decrease the dosage.
What Conditions Can CBD Candies Help With?
CBD candies can help you with physical discomfort, mental anguish and lack of sleep. It offers a high CBD dosage and allows the consumer to dose CBD without causing any serious repercussions.

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