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Bloom Farms derives hemp from organic farms, and works with a team of farmers who share the vision of sustainable agriculture and environmental-friendly practices.

Launched in 2014, Bloom Farms has only one mission – to produce high-quality products that promote a healthy lifestyle. The brand delivers this promise in the form of a variety of products that target every health and wellness need. From potent tinctures for better recovery to relaxing balms for relief, Bloom Farms has been taking over the market in every category.

Embracing their Californian heritage, Bloom Farms brings nature and innovation together in each of their unique products. You would not want to miss out on the fresh, new way of healthy living.

Tinctures, Topicals, pre-rolls and More

A Variety of Products to Choose From

Bloom Farms meets the needs of every CBD connoisseur with its wide collection of CBD products. From pre-rolls and tinctures to lotions and edibles, you can find it all. There’s a product that will perfectly fit your routine and lifestyle. So, no more settling down for a sub-par CBD product. 

Bloom Farms prioritizes overall experience along with the benefits. So, include CBD in your routine in a form that suits you the most. Want strong, immediate effects but don’t feel like smoking? Try a tincture. Subtle, long lasting effects are your thing? Try Bloom farms hemp chocolates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Bloom Farms Wellness vape pens are pretty easy to use. Whether you’re using Bloom Farms – Mini Vapor/CBD Vape Pen or the Highlighter Vapor Cartridge and Battery Duo, you can use them optimally by following a few simple steps.
  • Hold the vape pen at a 45° angle.
  • Inhale slowly. Take one or two puffs and see the LED tip light up.
  • Enjoy the effects that first hit you and after a while take small puffs until you feel good.
Important Note: Each user must consult their state or county laws regarding the purchase and use of any and all vape pen products.
You can easily find all the popular products from Bloom Farms Wellness at OnlineCBDStore. From the Mini Vapor Pens to the famous CBD, CBN, and CBG tinctures, you have ample choice to order the product you want.
No, it is not always safe to use CBN with alcohol and medications. CBN sometimes enhances the enzymes in the liver which has a lot of medical implications, especially if any medication is additionally consumed. It is important to note here that not all bodies would have the same reaction to the consumption of CBN with either alcohol or medications. Hence, it is in the best interest of the person to consult a medical professional beforehand and always track the usage and bodily responses overtime.
A person should always start with 1 serving of all CBD tinctures of Bloom Farms Wellness. The standard serving size of the Bloom Farms Wellness – 10 ml Recover CBD Oil Tincture is 1/4 ml and the CBD amount in each serving is 10 mg. This is a good tincture for all beginners to start with. Additionally, factors like metabolism rate, body weight, health issues, prescription medicines, tolerance level and the desired effects also play a major role in the amount of CBD tincture that should be consumed.

Both of these topical CBD formulations from the Bloom Farms brand aims to deliver different effects.

  • If you’re looking to find relief from pre- or post- sports or exercise recovery, then you must use CBD Sport Stick.
  • If you’re looking to find targeted relief from physical discomfort in a particular body area then you must incorporate CBD Relieve Lotion into your regime.
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