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5 Things You Must Learn About CBD Cigarettes

  • August 27, 2021

Cannabidiol (CBD) has undoubtedly occupied an undefeated position in the market of trending products. It has contributed immensely to make the cannabis industry grow and flourish. Most of its success has been highly acclaimed by people who use CBD for medicinal purposes. It recuperates the entire industry from its stigmatized image and reckons people to use it as a safe alternative to tobacco. An option, also famously recognized as CBD cigarettes.

This safe smoking option is now a part of the future, encouraging more and more people to switch. While most individuals use the best CBD cigarettes to reduce their tobacco intake, others simply refrain from using them. Simply, because they have doubts such as: are CBD cigarettes safe? Or perhaps, something as simple as, what are CBD cigarettes? Luckily, we can help you with the answers you need.

What Are CBD Cigarettes?

The interest in CBD cigarettes emerges from the fact that they appear quite similar to mainstream cigarettes. You won’t be able to tell the difference unless you smoke them up. Initially, the cigarettes were designed keeping in mind the amount of hemp to be used. However, top CBD cigarette companies such as Chief Stix go as far as using biodegradable paper in the making.

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As a result, the product in itself sets high standards in terms of safety. Not only this, but if you look at the packaging of CBD cigarettes, you will witness that they are designed using organic hemp containing zero or very few amounts of THC. A legal concentration level (0.3%) that will never get you high. Similarly, when it comes to organic practices, inside each carefully rolled cigarette, you will also find CBG and terpenes without any added chemicals. All these are tested for the presence of chemicals.

Are CBD Cigarettes Safe?

The safety profile is not entirely top-notch because anything consumed in the form of smokes will affect your respiratory tracts and lungs in the long run. So, it is not safe to say that these cigarettes are safe. However, they are definitely a better alternative to tobacco.

While more research is required to understand the varied nuances of cannabidiol. Most pieces of evidence suggest that smoking CBD will not lead to intoxication. It will only cause you to feel relaxed and well-rested. The only exception, in this case, is people who take medicines because a study suggests that CBD has the potential to interact with certain drugs. Under such circumstances, it’s best to consult a medical marijuana doctor beforehand.

Is It Legal to Use CBD Cigarettes?

There are so many people who would love to hear a concrete legal statement on whether CBD is legal or not. Unfortunately, we are still running out of luck. The status of CBD’s legality lingers in the shadows. Except, of course, CBD is derived from the hemp plant.

In other words, only cigarettes containing hemp-induced CBD with less than 0.3% of THC are federally legal. As for those containing cannabis or high amounts of THC still fall under the controlled substance category. The only relaxation in this situation is independent state rules.

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You see, individually, each state is allowed to frame rules. As a result, states which have legalized cannabis for both medical and recreational use pretty much make it easier for users to consume cannabis safely. In contrast, states with strict rules comply with the federal authorities and more often do not allow the use of CBD derived from cannabis or marijuana.

In addition to this, for something to be a controlled substance under the federal rules, it must fall under one of the five assigned categories. Schedule V – the least restrictive and Schedule I – the most restrictive scheduling criteria which identify drugs as extremely harmful. The in-between categories pretty much cover the same and categorize drugs accordingly.

Fortunately, CBD does not fall under the above-mentioned schedules. When one combs through each controlled substance category, cannabidiol receives no special mention. So, it becomes vital for an individual to check the rules before consuming CBD cigarettes. And for a clearer perspective, here are some factors you must keep in mind:

  • Source Rule – CBD must be sourced from industrial hemp.
  • Farm Bill Rule – It must contain less than or equal to 0.3% of THC.
  • State Rule – Iowa and Idaho do not allow the use of CBD in any form.

Will CBD Cigarettes Get Me High?

No, CBD cigarettes will not get you high. It comprises a very low concentration of THC. Instead, cannabidiol will induce calming effects with zero head high and elevated relaxing experiences. Perhaps why most people use it as a treatment option for pain, anxiety, inflammation, and other conditions.

For an exact experience to understand how CBD works, you have to try the best cigarettes out there in the market. There is nothing better than a personal understanding of products that you wish to try. As for a broad view of how CBD feels, here’s a simple explanation.

Depending on the amount of CBD you intake, the cigarettes will provide an instant sense of calm. You might feel sleepy, relaxed, and happy if the dose is right, or in some cases, energetic. Overall, you will most likely never undergo serious side effects. Just be mindful of the dose, and get a better understanding of cannabinoids before using them.

How Can I Find the Best CBD Cigarettes Near Me?

CBD is still in its infancy stage. As a new ingredient in the market, it instills a sense of interest and curiosity among people. But unlike other established products, you will not find CBD cigarettes that easily. You must look online and get in touch with reliable companies or third-party online retail sellers. Below is a list of trustworthy brands that manufacture organic hemp smokes:

1. Chief Stix
Chief stix cigarettes

Chief Stix eliminates bad smoking experiences by introducing cigs completely free of nicotine, additives, and tobacco. The cigarettes are wishfully designed with transparency. They use filters and provide third-party lab reports to give you the best smokes without any psychoactive effects.

The production process used in making these hemp cigarettes includes the removal of seeds and stems to create an excellent smoke session. And they are a staple smoking option for anxiety reduction and mood improvement.

2. Redwood Reserves

Redwood reserves image

Redwood Reserves’ CBD Cigarettes embrace the principle of originality. All their smokes are tightly rolled in industrial hemp – cultivated in the best soil conditions under natural sunlight with no added toxins or chemical additives. This pack of 20 smokes will help you experience tranquility while ensuring that you get only 100% CBD flowers.

To determine the eligibility of brands, you can simply go through the product list, the companies they tie-up with, and whether or not they provide third-party lab reports. If all the boxes check out, you’re good to go. Also, remember that you will find it difficult to find CBD cigarettes in a nearby store or the marketplace. 



Fortunately, things are changing a little with time, and more and more businesses manufacture these cigs. But be sure to visit stores that sell other CBD products as well to establish authenticity.

Final Thoughts

CBD cigarettes are not quite popular, but they are slowly and steadily entering the race of popularity. Especially brands that are already popular among the masses. The only problem here is that the cannabis sector works in tandem with a heavily perplexed regulatory framework. Even if you were to buy a CBD cigarette in your state, you are most likely to get checked and questioned for the same. This is why it’s always best to educate yourself on cannabis and its derivatives beforehand.

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